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Kensington Rhymes - cover

Kensington Rhymes

Compton MacKenzie

Publisher: DigiCat

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Kensington Rhymes is a collection of poems by Compton Mackenzie. Contents: Our House Our Square The Dancing Class My Sister At A Party Kissing Games A Ballad Of The Round Pond Town And Country Poor Lavender Girls Summer Holidays and more.
Available since: 05/29/2022.
Print length: 31 pages.

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  • I Like to Wash My Face with Seawater - A Collection of Poems - cover

    I Like to Wash My Face with...

    Saumitra Saxena, Dhiraj Singh

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    Introducing Saumitra’ s poetry to an English relishing readership is like reliving its flavor a few years ago in Hindi when these very poems caught the print eye of an eminent publisher, Bharatiya Gyanpith. Saumitra’s selection was not only published from there but also bestowed the ‘Navlekhan Award,’ and these poems have been expertly translated by Dhiraj Singh, who gives a Midas touch of his pen when moving from one language from another. 
    Saumitra is, by profession, an engineer and by passion, a poet. He has moved away from India, but his sensibility is filled with boyhood memories and tender moments of his youth. With an economy of words, he expresses himself in short verses that look like a map of his moods. 
    All aspects of nature find expression with Saumitra so much so that he emerges as a friend of live landscapes, changing skies and the smell of raw mangoes. He has a Wordsworthian involvement with nature and with the simple sweet voice of humanity. 
    The translation by Dhiraj Singh is equally sensitive and soulful, conveying the author’s creativity convincingly. To quote the very first poem- 
    ‘Every tree 
    Calls out to her 
    But she chooses 
    Her tree and sits on it 
    She chooses and sits 
    And that is all 
    There is to it.’ 
    At first sight, these may appear to be single –focus expressions, but page after page you come across sensitive lines like these, you are bound to feel involved. 
    ‘I am a bird 
    Let me laugh 
    In your skies 
    Have fun in the furrows of 
    Your fields 
    And your shimmering 
    Irrigation ponds’ 
    Poetry is not a sealed-off entity of nature alone. We live in an urban world, and our concerns are city-bred. Then what impacts our young poet to focus on greener landscapes. Actually, this appears to be Saumitra’s retort to the mechanized, mundane metro culture that leaves us myopic to personal pleasures and the bounty of nature. 
    Mamta Kalia
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    Prufrock and Other Observations is the title of a pamphlet of twelve poems by T. S. Eliot published in 1917 by The Egoist, a small publishing firm run by Dora Marsden, an English suffragette and philosopher of language. Most of the poems had been published earlier in literary magazines, most notably the “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, which was Eliot’s first published poem and appeared in the June 1915 issue of Poetry: A Magazine of Modern Verse at the urging of Ezra Pound, overseas editor for the magazine. Prufrock is a dramatic interior monologue of a modern urban man trapped in an inertia of isolation and indecision that has been described as a “drama of literary anguish”. The poem was influenced by The Divine Comedy and is peppered with references to the Bible, Shakespeare plays, and the works of metaphysical poet Andrew Marvell and the French symbolist poets.  It was considered outlandish when it first appeared.  One anonymous London reviewer commented that "The fact that these things occurred to the mind of Mr. Eliot is surely of the very smallest importance to anyone, even to himself. They certainly have no relation to poetry." As it happens, Prufrock and the companion poems in this volume helped effect a paradigm shift away from Romanticism and Georgian lyrics to what came to be called Modernism and introduced one of the most distinctive voices and recognized voices in modern literature.
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  • Green Egg Omelette - An Anthology of Art and Articles from the Legendary Pagan Journal - cover

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    Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

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    Selections of poetry, art, letters, and articles from the past forty years, which reflect the history of modern Paganism, are compiled in this richly illustrated anthology that features works from Ralph Metzner, Diana Paxson, Antero Ali, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Robert Anton Wilson, Starhawk, and others.
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  • The Dry Valley - cover

    The Dry Valley

    Bernadette Wagner

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    The Dry Valley encapsulates one woman’s relationship with herself, her alcoholic spouse, and the world, in three different Saskatchewan landscapes. The poems offer a fascinating interplay between mindful explorations of self and immersions in the challenging complexities of interpersonal relationships, social issues and meaningful engagement with the environment. The quiet, meditative quality of the longer lyrics rub up against the edgier narrative poems, contributing a wonderful tension to the manuscript. With figurative language kept to a minimum, the poems rely on detail, giving a real-time felt presence and the speaker a heightened reliability.
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    The Ugly Duckling 
    The Money Pig 
    The Emperor’s New Clothes 
    The Little Mermaid 
    The Brave Tin Soldier 
    The Princess and the Pea 
    The Little Match Girl 
    The Snowman 
    The Fir Tree 
    The Rose Tree and the Snail. 
    The Snowdrop
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  • I Saw the Moon Rise Clear - cover

    I Saw the Moon Rise Clear

    Thomas Moore

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    Thomas Moore was an Irish poet, singer, songwriter, and entertainer, now best remembered for the lyrics of "The Minstrel Boy" and "The Last Rose of Summer".Moore is often considered Ireland's National Bard and is to Ireland what Robert Burns is to Scotland. (Wikipedia )
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