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Food for a Year - The Leading Prepper’s Guide to Easily Acquiring Storing Stockpiling and Preparing Shelf-Stable Foods for Long-Term Survival (Be Well Prepared for Any Disaster or Emergency!) - cover

Food for a Year - The Leading Prepper’s Guide to Easily Acquiring Storing Stockpiling and Preparing Shelf-Stable Foods for Long-Term Survival (Be Well Prepared for Any Disaster or Emergency!)

Beau Griffin

Publisher: Publishdrive

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You are unprepared...
Unprepared for a seismic change in the world that could leave you alone and afraid.  That’s why you’re thinking about ways to safeguard your future, protect your family and maintain your health should the worst happen. Some say it never will, but you can’t switch off unless you know you’re prepared the right way.Well, when you know how to guarantee a long-term food supply in any scenario, you can rebuild, recover and restart your life without having to worry even one bit!Inside this expert guide you’ll discover:
• Why Food Prepping Is the Habit of a Lifetime and how you can use it to make sure you’re never caught short or left exposed by the outside world.
• How to Select Foods to Stockpile so you never fall victim to spoiled ingredients and unhealthy options that you can’t sustain yourself on.
• The Mindset of a Prepper and how you can turn it into your biggest advantage, no matter what happens out there in the world.
• Beginner Prepper Tips that allow you to get off to a fast start without ever having to worry about the direction you’re taking.
• How to Stockpile Food the Right Way to prepare the ultimate food collection that will keep you alive when disaster strikes
… Plus So Much More!This unique book is designed to show you a simpler way to safeguard your future, maintain your health, and protect your family all at the same time.
It’s an investment in a better way of life that you will be truly thankful you made should the worst happen.
And if it doesn’t, you still get the peace of mind and low-stress lifestyle that comes from knowing you always have exactly what you need to keep you and your family protected and your future secure.So grab your copy now. There’s really no reason to delay.
Available since: 12/10/2021.

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    "This is a must-read for anyone considering the carnivore diet." ★★★★★ 
    Destroy your sugar cravings immediately, once and for all! Burn fat easily! Increase your strength and energy!  
    Bonus with purchase! Get a free PDF of my Carnivore Diet Holiday Handbook when you buy this audiobook! 
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    Drastically boost your Well-Being and improve your Health with the help of Intuitive Eating! 
    Do you suffer from an eating disorder such as binge eating or emotional eating? 
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    Inside this audiobook, you’ll uncover the secrets of intuitive eating, arming you with the essential knowledge you need to succeed. Covering everything from how you can identify what “kind” of eater you are to how you can reject the dieting mentality and become more in-tune with your body, this audiobook is perfect for anybody looking to take charge of their wellbeing and stop eating disorders in their tracks. 
    You’ll discover: 
    -- How To Identify What Kind of Eater You Are 
    -- An Exploration of Intuitive Eating and What Makes It Different To Traditional Diets 
    -- Tips For Rejecting The Dieting Mentality 
    -- How To Honor Your Hunger, Identify When You’re Full, and Stop Overeating 
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    Uncover the symptoms of eating disorders, learn to manage your emotions, and discover how Intuitive Eating will revolutionize the way you look at food today.Buy now to begin your journey with Intuitive Eating today!
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  • Elegant Pie - Transform Your Favorite Pies into Works of Art - cover

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    A designer who’s “turned pie crust decorating into an art form” shows how to embellish an ordinary crust—for a creation as beautiful as any cake (Martha Stewart). 
    Everyone knows that serving a pie for dessert makes guests happy. And serving one with a beautifully designed crust that makes guests swoon is even better.  
    Pies can be as stunningly attractive as the most decorative cakes with the use of some basic techniques and the appropriate care when working with pie dough. The recipes and techniques in this book give any home baker the tools to create breathtaking works of pie art. From preparation of the dough to the last moments of baking, all methods are clearly presented using step-by-step photographs. A flat surface, rolling pin, sharp knife, and cookie cutters of different sizes and shapes make embellishing an ordinary pie crust easy.  
    The 25 designs in this book, arranged by three levels of difficulty, range from graphic art styles to seasonal-inspired florals—offering the first guide to creating these stunning works of edible art. 
    “[A] gorgeous cookbook…As the book progresses, so do your skills.” —Taste of Home
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    Seventy recipes that let you savor the flavor of bacon any time of day, plus bacon lore, bacon tips, and resources for finding great bacons. 
    From classic breakfast treats like Daddy’s Fluffy Scrambled Eggs with Bacon to elegant main courses of Linguine and Bacon with Vodka Sauce, each savory dish is better than the last. Even desserts are improved with a few bits of this tasty treat. Double-Crunch Peanut Butter Cookies will keep everyone guessing about the secret ingredient! 
    Discover intriguing bacon lore and other practical tips, from the origin of the phrase “bringing home the bacon” to some surprising nutritional facts (seems those tasty little strips aren’t so bad for the hips after all).  
    No matter how you slice it, Everything Tastes Better with Bacon.
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  • Hypnotic Gastric Band - Powerful Meditation to Lose Weight Quickly and Stop Emotional Eating through Self-Hypnosis and Positive Affirmations - Learn Hypnosis Secrets and Achieve your Dream Body - cover

    Hypnotic Gastric Band - Powerful...

    Elliott J. Power

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    Do you have an eating disorder that is out of control? Do you binge eat, constantly gain weight and find it impossible to stop? Are you ready to try anything to control it? 
    Sufferers who constantly eat and are unable to control it are placing their lives at risk. Obesity alone will cause huge issues but the knock-on effects of being overweight can be serious if they are not tackled properly. Losing weight is the first priority of course, but with so many fad diets doing the rounds it can be almost impossible to find one that works. There is another solution, however. 
    In this new book, Hypnotic Gastric Band, you will discover a new way to shed the excess pounds with information on:How to mentally prepare yourselfHow you can lose weight fast at homeBurning fat quicklyWeight loss affirmationsHow positive thinking can have a huge effectTips on how to lose weight naturallyThe benefits of hypnosis over traditional dietsHow to diet successfullyA guide for continued healthy living 
    And more... 
    Even if you have tried and failed to lose weight many times before, there is no reason why you cannot succeed eventually, and the Hypnotic Gastric Band is a book that contains great actionable advice that anyone can follow. 
    It’s time to lose that weight once and for all, so click the "Buy Now" button and you’re already one step closer to a new and healthier you!
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  • The Pink Whisk Guide to Bread Making - Brilliant Basics Step-by-Step - cover

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    Ruth Clemens

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    The Great British Bake Off finalist shares delicious bread recipes that rise to every occasion—loaves of all shapes to suit all tastes.   You can’t beat the satisfaction of making—and eating—your own loaf of bread. Now, Ruth Clemens shows you how to get confident with straightforward doughs, progress to pre-ferments, and experiment with further methods. Along with clear, step-by-step instructions, the thirty recipes are crammed with tips and tricks to ensure that you’ll be turning out delicious homemade bread—from basic white loaves to ciabatta and croissants—in next to no time.
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