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She’s Got Soul


Friend or Foe - Brice Simpson Hood Mysteries Book 1

Imani Black

Kismet 3 - When a Man's Fed Up

Raynesha Pittman

She Said It's Your Child

Sherene Holly Cain

Love and the Game 2

Johnni Sherri

Daddy by Default - a novel

Pat Tucker

Owner of a Broken Heart - Richardson Sisters Book 1

Chris Hodges

Private Property

La Jill Hunt

Sweet Heat - The Blue-Collar Lover Series

Zuri Day

My Mama's Drama

La Jill Hunt

The Accidental Mistress

Aya De Leon

Deadly Rumors

Chris Hodges

The End of the Line

Treasure Hernandez

Packing Heat

Zuri Day

King Divas

De'nesha Diamond

The Secret Affair

Brenda Jackson

Mystic Park

Regina Hart

The Perfect Revenge

Lutishia Lovely

Driving Heat

Zuri Day

The Perfect Deception

Lutishia Lovely

Rich Girl Problems

Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker

Give Me Fever

Niobia Bryant

The Perfect Affair

Lutishia Lovely

Strong Heat

Niobia Bryant

A Good Dose of Pleasure

Zuri Day

Nothing to Lose

Angela Winters

Who Ya Wit' - The Finale

Brenda Hampton

How It Went Down

Kekla Magoon

Forces of Nature

Chris Hodges

Destiny's Embrace

Beverly Jenkins