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Enemies at the Gate - The City Walls of Ancient Rome

Patricia Southern

Finis Britanniae - A Military History of Late Roman Britain and the Saxon Conquest

Murray Dahm

My Nile Odyssey - A memoir

Kamil Idris

The Great UN-Reset - Humanity's Battle Against a Dystopian New World Order

Constantine du Bruyn

Dirty Dealings - A gritty gripping gangland thriller from Gillian Godden

Gillian Godden

Ancient Anunnaki and the Babylonian Empire - How the Sumerians Descended to the Reign of Nebuchadnezzar

Faruq Zamani

Archaeology of the Anunnaki Sumerians - Revealing Strange Artifacts and Mesopotamia Mysteries

Faruq Zamani

Vedic Philosophy of the Kali Yuga - Through the Lens of Gnostic Wisdom


The Rise of the Igigi - How the Servants of the Anunnaki Revolted Against the Gods

Faruq Zamani

Origin of the Nephilim in Mesopotamia - How the Anunnaki Giants the Watchers and Apkallu Became a Global Phenomenon

Faruq Zamani

The Sacred Lost Knowledge of Ancient Egypt - Unveiling the Mystery of Metaphysics as told in the Pyramid Texts

Asher Benowitz

Sumerian Origins - Lifting the Veil on Ancient Mesopotamia Mysteries


The Camel and the Butterfly

Michael Whitworth

The Passenger - A psychological thriller with an ending you won't see coming

Daniel Hurst

End of Spies - Richard Prince Thrillers Book 4

Alex Gerlis

The Starlings of Bucharest - Moscow Wolves Book 2

Sarah Armstrong

Ring of Spies - The Richard Prince Thrillers Book 3

Alex Gerlis

Sea of Spies - The Richard Prince Thrillers Book 2

Alex Gerlis

Prince of Spies - The Richard Prince Thrillers Book 1

Alex Gerlis


Shaun Hutson

The Cromwell Enigma

Derek Wilson

Disaster by Choice - How our actions turn natural hazards into catastrophes

Ilan Kelman

Dangerous Games

Gillian Godden

Deadly Revenge - DS Jack Mackinnon Book 3

D.S. Butler

Deadly Motive - DS Jack Mackinnon Book 2

D.S. Butler

Deadly Obsession - DS Jack Mackinnon Book 1

D.S. Butler

A Real Boy - How Autism Shattered Our Lives - and Made a Family from the Pieces

Nicola Stevens, Christopher Stevens

Vienna Spies

Alex Gerlis

Lewis Hamilton: Championship Year 2017

The Times, Rebecca Clancy, The Sunday Times