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Re-Terrify: Horrifying Stories of Monsters and More - The Re-Imagined Series #4

Darrell Schweitzer, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Nancy Springer, James Dorr, Jonathan Shipley, Douglas Smith, Kelly A. Harmon, Steven R. Southard, Gregory L. Norris, Winston Marks, Gregg Chamberlain, Nicole Kurtz, Eric Choi, Geoff Gander, Gustavo Bondoni, David Hoenig, Meriah Crawford, Lisa Lepovetsky

Re-Quest: Dark Fantasy Stories of Quests & Searches - The Re-Imagined Series #3

Robert E. Howard, James Dorr, Lillian Csernica, Dennis Mombauer, Jonathan Shipley, Douglas Smith, Kelly A. Harmon, CB Droege, Gregory L. Norris, Christine Lucas, Doug C. Souza, Chris Kuriata, Jennifer Rachel Baumer, Bradley H. Sinor, Dale W. Glaser, Jeremy Zimmerman

Re-Launch: Science Fiction Stories of New Beginnings - The Re-Imagined Series #1

Eando Binder, James Dorr, Jonathan Shipley, Douglas Smith, Kris Austen Radcliffe, Steven R. Southard, CB Droege, Gregory L. Norris, Jude-Marie Green, Stewart C Baker, Wendy Nikel, Lawrence Dagstine, Meriah Crawford, Jennifer Rachel Baumer, Calie Voorhis, Anthony Cardno, Andrew Gudgel

The Great Tome of Dragons and Draconic Lore - The Great Tome Series #5

Vonnie Winslow Crist, Jonathan Shipley, Kelly A. Harmon, CB Droege, David Lawrence, Mark Charke, Nidhi Singh, Marleen S. Barr

Hides the Dark Tower

Alex Shvartsman, Richard Chizmar, Jonathan Shipley, Jeff Stehman, Anatoly Belilovsky, Rie Sheridan Rose, Steven R. Southard, Robert E. Waters

Coffee: 14 Caffeinated Tales of the Fantastic

Tim McDaniel, E. C. Myers, Alex Shvartsman, Ken Liu, Matt Mikalatos, James Beamon, Oliver Buckram, Cat Rambo, A. C. Wise, Beth Cato, Peter Sursi, Jonathan Shipley, Teri Babcock, Katherine Sparrow, Charity Tahmaseb