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Publisher: Sacristy Press

Sacristy Press

Sacristy Press is a small, independent, publishing house based in Durham City. They publish theology and history, including historical fiction.
Member of the Independent Publishers Guild, the founding principles of Sacristy Press are that the best books happen when publishers and authors work together to ensure a high quality manuscript with exceptional production.
Sacristy Press was founded in 2011, and is owned and run by Richard Hilton and Thomas Ball. They are supported by a wonderful team of freelance editorial staff and a part-time Marketing Assistant.

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Honest Sadness - Lament in a Pandemic Age

John Holdsworth

Not of This Worldview - Poetry for the Kingdom Among Us

Richard S. Briggs

Praying for the Earth - Remembering the Environment in our Prayers of Intercession

Rob Kelsey

Christian and Sikh - A Practical Theology of Multiple Religious Participation

John Barnett

Priests in Secular Work - Participating in the “Missio Dei”

Jenny Gage

Pilgrims - Pathways of Christian Life

Stephen Platten

Sink or Swim - Catholicism in Sixties Britain through John Ryan's Cartoons

Alana Harris, Isabel Ryan

Fierce Love - Music Leads a Lost Child Home

Adrian Snell

Resounding Body - Building Christlike Church Communities through Music

Andy Thomas

Celtic Christianity and Climate Crisis - Twelve Keys for the Future of the Church

Ray Simpson

So We Live Forever Bidding Farewell - Assisted Dying and Theology

John Parratt

Light in the Darkness - Exploring the Path of Christian Hope

Peter Sills

Adventure Awaits - Harnessing Today’s Potential for God’s Greater Purpose

Jane Merson

Following Christ - Sermons for the Christian Year

Robert Beaken

Church and Revolution - Continuing the Conversation between Christianity and Marxism

Simon Hewitt

Like There's No Tomorrow - Climate Crisis Eco-Anxiety and God

Frances Ward

Place of Repose - St Cuthbert’s Last Journey

Katharine Tiernan

A New Lease of Life? - Anglican Clergy Reflect on Retirement

Tony Neal, Leslie Francis

Artistic Duplicity - The Fiction and Poetry of Juliana Horatia Ewing

William B. Dillingham

Keeping Watch for Kingfishers - God Stories

Jenny Wilson

To Call on His Name - Perspectives on the Jesus Prayer

John Gill

Out of the Whirlwind - Innocent Pain as a Challenge to God

Adrian Roberts

Incarnation and Neo-Darwinism - Evolution Ontology and Divine Activity

David O. Brown

Dear Nicholas - A Father's Letter to His Newly Ordained Son

Michael Henshall

All Hail the Glorious Night (and other Christmas poems) - The Complete Christmas Poetry of Kevin Carey

Kevin Carey

Queen Victoria’s Archbishops of Canterbury

Michael Chandler

Seeing Light - A Critical Enquiry into the Origins of Resurrection Faith

Peter Gant

Following Jesus in the Holy Land - Pathways of Discipleship through Advent and Lent

Stephen Need

Into the Depths - A Chaplain's Reflections on Death Dying and Pastoral Care

Rosie Deedes

Gospel of Fulfilment - Exploring the Gospel of Matthew

Patrick Whitworth