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Publisher: Warriors Publishing Group

Warriors Publishing Group

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Demise - A Novel of Race Culture Wars and Falling Darkness

John M. Del Vecchio

The Cole Williams Story - Caribbean's Keeper and Graves in the Sand

Brian Boland

Signal on the Hill - A Cole Williams Novel

Brian Boland

Delta File

Dale A. Dye

Who'll Stop the Rain - Respect Remembrance and Reconciliation in Post-Vietnam America

Doug Bradley

Sirens - How to Pee Standing Up: An Alarming Memoir of Combat and Coming Back Home

Laura Naylor Colbert

Bangkok File

Dale A. Dye

Backbone - History Traditions and Leadership Lessons of Marine Corps NCOs

Ph.D. Julia Dye

The Batter's Box - A Novel of Baseball War and Love

Andy Kutler

A Distant Field - A Novel of World War I

RJ MacDonald

Sea Hunt - A Novel in the World of Shake Davis USMC (Ret)

Dale A. Dye

Small Arms of the Vietnam War - A Photographic Study

Dale A. Dye

Graves In The Sand - A Cole Williams Novel

Brian Boland

Through My Daughter's Eyes

Julia Dye

Duty and Dishonor - Author's Preferred Edition

Dale A. Dye

Aztec File

Dale A. Dye

The Vietnam War Trilogy - The 13th Valley For the Sake of All Living Things and Carry Me Home

John M. Del Vecchio

Harper's War

Emily Hart

Black Knights Dark Days - The True Story of Sadr City's Black Sunday

J. Matthew Fisk

Caribbean's Keeper - A Novel of Vendetta

Brian Boland

Princes of War - A Novel of America in Iraq

Claude Schmid

Havana File

Dale A. Dye

MIKE Force - A Novel of Vietnam's Central Highlands War

Shaun Darragh

Dustoff 7-3 - Saving Lives Under Fire in Afghanistan

Erik Sabiston

Run Between the Raindrops - Author's Preferred Edition

Dale A. Dye

Archangel of Sedona

Tony Peluso

Contra File

Dale A. Dye

Hook Up - A Novel of Fort Bragg

William P. Singley

Beirut File

Dale A. Dye

Duty to Investigate - A Novel

J.W. Stone