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Publisher: The Feminist Press at CUNY

The Feminist Press at CUNY

This is the page of The Feminist Press at CUNY on 24symbols. Here you can see and read its books.

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We Were Witches - A Novel

Ariel Gore

And the Spirit Moved Them - The Lost Radical History of America's First Feminists

Helen LaKelly Hunt

The Milk of Almonds - Italian American Women Writers on Food and Culture

Edvige Giunta, Louise DeSalvo

Streets - A Memoir of the Lower East Side

Bella Spewack

The Right Thing to Do - A Novel

Josephine Gattuso Hendin

Follow Me into the Dark

Felicia C. Sullivan

Black Wave

Michelle Tea

Folly - A Novel

Maureen Brady

Bye Bye Blondie

Virginie Despentes

The Chinese Garden - A Novel

Rosemary Manning

Walking the Dog - A Novel

Elizabeth Swados

The Cosmopolitans - A Novel

Sarah Schulman

Beijing Comrades - A Novel

Bei Tong

Lion Woman's Legacy - An Armenian-American Memoir

Arlene Voski Avakian

The Raging Skillet: the True Life Story of Chef Rossi - A Memoir with Recipes

Luiz Alexandre Solano Rossi

The Feminist Utopia Project - Fifty-Seven Visions of a Wildly Better Future

Alexandra Brodsky, Rachel Kauder Nalebuff

The Crooked Line

Ismat Chughtai

We Walk Alone

Ann Aldrich

We Too Must Love

Ann Aldrich

Stella Dallas

Olive Higgins Prouty

Thérèse and Isabelle

Violette Leduc

Walking the Precipice - Witness to the Rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan

Barbara Bick

Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate - A Novel

Letty Cottin Pogrebin

David's Story

Zoë Wicomb

Changes - A Love Story

Ama Ata Aidoo

No Sweetness Here - And Other Stories

Ama Ata Aidoo

Waiting - A Novel of Uganda at War

Goretti Kyomuhendo

Harem Years - The Memoirs of an Egyptian Feminist

Huda Shaarawi

$pread - The Best of the Magazine that Illuminated the Sex Industry and Started a Media Revolution

Rachel Aimee, Eliyanna Kaiser, Audacia Ray

The Riot Grrrl Collection

Lisa Darms