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3 On The Way - And Ahead of Schedule - cover

3 On The Way - And Ahead of Schedule

Mónica Figueroa Vírchez

Translator Grace Wintergest

Publisher: Gratia

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Being a mother of multiples and preemies is a great adventure which is unknown to many. It involves a lot of attention, commitment, dedication, and time to take care of your health at the same time as raising your newborn babies.
Be moved by the experiences of a mother who delivered her triplets prematurely in a foreign
country, with the help of the NIDCAP method, in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It is not intended as an advice guide, but it does tell the story of several years of experience for her, her husband and their three babies.
Are you afraid of finding out that you will have a multiple pregnancy?
Do you know what it means to have babies born prematurely?
Can you imagine what life will be like for you and your babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit?
Do you have any idea how exhausted you will feel during the first year?
Have you heard about the consequences of burnout and chronic fatigue?
In this book you will also find answers to your questions about what a high-risk pregnancy and an emergency caesarean section can be like, as well as different concerns such as premature birth and neonatal care, psychological support networks and the monitoring of babies so that they can grow up in the best possible way.
As parents, we are often faced with major changes in our lives, and a myriad of different and contradictory emotions and feelings manifest themselves due to the big event.
Find out more:
Necessary care for the mother during a high-risk pregnancy and in the postpartum.
The optimal neonatal care needed for premature babies and the help of the NIDCAP method.
Some complications and miracles that can occur in these fragile and sensitive babies.
Tips on how to be an active mother in the NICU.
The importance of follow-up in premature babies.
Important topics such as chronic fatigue, burnout and sleep deprivation, as well as resilience and positive mental attitude.
You will value your new conscious motherhood through direct contact with your baby.
Available since: 05/17/2022.
Print length: 236 pages.

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