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The Mueller Report - The Law behind the Jurisdiction and the Power of a Special Counsel & Full Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election

Robert S. Mueller, Special Counsel's Office U.S. Department of Justice

Poppies Politics and Power - Afghanistan and the Global History of Drugs and Diplomacy

James Tharin Bradford

Mohandas Gandhi - Experiments in Civil Disobedience

Talat Ahmed

Who Owns the News? - A History of Copyright

Will Slauter

Iran Rising - The Survival and Future of the Islamic Republic

Amin Saikal

Sustaining Economic Growth in Asia

Changyong Rhee, Adam Posen, Thomas Helbling, Jérémie Cohen-Setton

After the Protests Are Heard - Enacting Civic Engagement and Social Transformation

Sharon D. Welch

New Borders - Hotspots and the European Migration Regime

Joe Painter, Antonis Vradis, Evie Papada, Anna Papoutsi

Leaks Hacks and Scandals - Arab Culture in the Digital Age

Tarek El-Ariss

A Leap of Faith

David Latimer

Michael Beschloss on the Cold War - The Crisis Years Mayday and At the Highest Levels

Michael Beschloss, Strobe Talbott

Heroic Failure - Brexit and the Politics of Pain

Fintan O'Toole

King and the Other America - The Poor People's Campaign and the Quest for Economic Equality

Sylvie Laurent

Changing Cultures in Congress - From Fair Play to Power Plays

Donald R. Wolfensberger

The Nazis - The Rise and Fall of History’s Most Evil Empire

Paul Roland

The Rise of Nerd Politics - Digital Activism and Political Change

John Postill

The Latino Question - Politics Labouring Classes and the Next Left

Rodolfo D Torres, Armando Ibarra, Alfredo Carlos

Secret Wars - Covert Conflict in International Politics

Austin Carson

Why Turkey is Authoritarian - From Atatürk to Erdoan

Halil Karaveli

Rojava - Revolution War and the Future of Syria's Kurds

Thomas Schmidinger

Journalism Under Fire - Protecting the Future of Investigative Reporting

Stephen Gillers

Jordan and the Arab Uprisings - Regime Survival and Politics Beyond the State

Curtis R. Ryan

Silicon States - The Power and Politics of Big Tech

Lucie Greene

NGOs as Newsmakers - The Changing Landscape of International News

Matthew Powers

When Culture Becomes Politics - European Identity in Perspective

Thomas Pedersen

Citizenship Inequality and Difference - Historical Perspectives

Frederick Cooper

The Politics of the Headscarf in the United States

Sarah A. Tobin, Bozena C. Welborne, Aubrey L. Westfall, Özge Çelik Russell

Bosnia in Limbo - Testimonies from the Drina River

Borja Lasheras

Patriotic Ayatollahs - Nationalism in Post-Saddam Iraq

Caroleen Marji Sayej

Dictatorland - The Men Who Stole Africa

Paul Kenyon