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GREGORY and other stories - cover

GREGORY and other stories

Panos Ioannides

Publisher: Armida Publications

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A translation of twelve award-winning short stories and novellas.
Gregory, The Bath, Uniforms, The Suitcase and The Escape have been adapted for the theater by the author and staged in theaters in Cyprus and abroad (such as Greece, England, USA and Germany) whereas all the short stories have been included in prestigious anthologies such as Short Story International, Sudden Fiction and others.
The prose works of P.I. reveal a serious, multifarious, mature writer who puts his country on the contemporary literary map. - Sylvia Tankel, Short Story International, New YorkThe work of P.I., the best known Cypriot prose writer, carries a penetrating sense of external anxiety and inner guilt. - Nik Skins & Mike Theodoulou, The Guardian, London
His Cyprus is a landscape made up of sleeper-agents and spies, of morally confused executioners and slippery leaders. His stories stretch back hundreds, sometimes thousands of years, and yet they always tackle contemporary themes. This collection deserves to spread its wings and travel much further than the sandy shores of the island of Cyprus. Because despite the highly localised nature of these stories, the themes are universal, just like Homer’s. -A J Kirby, The Short Review
A St. Bartholomew night of massacre carried out in Medieval Cyprus by edict of the Pope and of the Vatican. A satanic intrigue masterminded by the Pope and the Vatican led to a bloodbath and the mutual annihilation of the military Orders of the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitallers in enslaved Medieval Cyprus. Long before Dan Brown discovered and revealed The Da Vinci Code...
Slave woman and wet nurse, Kypriani exacts revenge on the Ottoman invaders and occupiers of her homeland, Venetian Cyprus of the Middle Ages, by spreading leprosy to newborns during breastfeeding.
The friendship, which develops between a group of EOKA guerrilla fighters and their British hostage Gregory, does not prevent them from executing him when the order arrives. Yet ignoring the order to place his body on public display, as an example, they bury their friend and victim.The short story has been translated and published in dozens of languages, including Braille.
Vagabond Street, a road and sanctuary inhabited only by people incurably damaged by war.
Can uniforms worn as camouflage, at a moment of deadly peril, by two young people from enemy camps - a young Turkish woman and a Greek Cypriot soldier – magically transform them into siblings, or mother and son? The answer given in the story is a poignant “yes”. 
An old refugee from Lapithos, Cyprus, and his granddaughter, live on a wasteland, a place of skulls, locked in an epic and tragic struggle with nature, in a defeat and a victory reminiscent of Hemingway’s classic novel “The Old Man and the Sea.” The short story has been translated into dozens of languages including Chinese. 

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