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Gaze Back - cover

Gaze Back

Marylyn Tan

Publisher: Ethos Books

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Winner of the Singapore Literature Prize (Poetry 2020) 
What do we expect of an author who is unapologetically female? What do we expect of consuming art in general? Should a work be easy, should a work be safe? 
Marylyn Tan’s debut volume, GAZE BACK, complicates ideas of femininity, queerness, and the occult. The feminine grotesque subverts the restrictions placed upon the feminine body to be attractive and its subjection to notions of the ideal. The occultic counterpoint to organised religion, then, becomes a way toward techniques of empowering the marginalised. 
GAZE BACK, ultimately, is an instruction book, a grimoire, a call to insurrection—to wrest power back from the social structures that serve to restrict, control and distribute it amongst those few privileged above the disenfranchised.
Available since: 08/09/2022.
Print length: 88 pages.

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    Finding one’s self is not a product of age or time. But, learning to love and accept ourselves can be. Every day we learn that we cannot deceive our self until we must face our truth. You need no mirror nor any outside help. You will only have you. 
    This poetry is written in various styles and on different subjects. It is inspired writing on spirituality, religion, history, romance, and social commentary.  
    "Rebuke not an elder, but entreat him as a father, and the younger men as brethen". Timothy 5:1 (KJV) 
    After the Love is the ultimate reflection, once age and experience have become memories. Hope is now not what we await, but what we finally can give.
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    Ivor Bertie Gurney was born in Gloucester on 28th August 1890. A chorister at Gloucester cathedral Ivor began to compose music at 14 before winning a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music in 1911.  Noted for his enormous potential he was equally thought by many to be un-teachable. 
    His studies were interrupted by World War I and his enlistment with the Gloucestershire Regiment. He was wounded in April 1917. He returned to duty but was gassed a few months later. After his release from hospital he was posted to Seaton Delaval, a mining village in Northumberland, where he wrote poems including 'Lying Awake In The Ward'. 
    His first volume of poetry, Severn and Somme, was published in November 1917, followed by War's Embers in 1919. 
    Unfortunately his life was blighted by bi-polar disorder which had developed from his mid-teens and culminated in his first major breakdown whilst still in uniform in 1918.  The trigger was a failed relationship with Annie Drummond. 
    After the war he seemed to thrive for a while but the bi-polar return with increasing severity in 1922 to the point where we was declared insane.  Although he continued to write poems and a few pieces of music he was to spend the next fifteen years of his life until his death in various mental hospitals. 
    Ivor Gurney died on 26th December 1937. 
    This volume comes to you from Portable Poetry, a specialized imprint from Deadtree Publishing.  Our range is large and growing and covers single poets, themes, and many compilations.
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  • Fifty Shades of November - A Poetry Collection - cover

    Fifty Shades of November - A...

    A E Housman, Samuel Taylor...

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    The eleventh month of the Gregorian year brings the change from Autumn into Winter.  Landscapes are scrubbed of colour and all their frills, the statued forms of trees are the grammar, the structure of her ways.  Days shorten, nights lengthen and for our classic poets there is work to be done. 
    Across fifty poems our classic poets including Matthew Arnold, Thomas Hardy, Herman Melville, Anna Laetitia Barbauld and Alice Guerin Crist illuminate the month, the natural world and the human condition.  In their words our experiences are reshaped, our views are rethought and our place in the world made a little more sense of. 
    1 - Fifty Shades of November - An Introduction 
    2 - November by John Clare 
    3 - November Findings, November 1862 by Janet Hamilton 
    4 - November by William Cullen Bryant 
    5 - To a Mouse by Robert Burns 
    6 - To a Robin in November by William Wilfred Campbell 
    7 - The TWA Corbies by Anonymous 
    8 - Bird's Nests by Edward Thomas 
    9 - We Plough the Fields and Scatter by Mattias Claudius 
    10 - A Hymn on the Seasons (An Extract) by James Thomson 
    11 - A Shropshire Lad XXVII - Is My Team Ploughing by A E Housman 
    12 - At Day Close in November by Thomas Hardy 
    13 - A November Night by Sara Teasdale 
    14 - In November by Archibald Lampman 
    15 - Who Has Seen the Wind by Christina Rossetti 
    16 - Autumn Song by Katherine Mansfield 
    17 - November Song by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe 
    18 - Love in Autumn by Sara Teasdale 
    19 - The Wind's Lament by John Morris-Jones 
    20 - By the Hearth by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps 
    21 - A Calender of Sonnets - November by Helen Hunt Jackson 
    22 - November Blind by Phillip Henry Savage 
    23 - In This Fog by Daniel Sheehan 
    24 - November by Thomas Hood 
    25 - Among the Rocks by Robert Browning 
    26 - November by John Payne 
    27 - Mild the Mist Upon the Hill by Emily Bronte 
    28 - The Storm by George Herbert 
    29 - Pray To What Earth Does This Sweet Cold Belong by Henry David Thoreau 
    30 - November by Amy Lowell 
    31 - Frost At Midnight by Samuel Taylor Coleridge 
    32 - Dupont's Round Fight (November 1861) by Herman Melville 
    33 - A Thanksgiving Poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar 
    34 - In November by Phillip Henry Savage 
    35 - November Days in Ireland by Alice Guerin Crist 
    36 - November 1806 by William Wordsworth 
    37 - A Shropshire Lad XXXVIII - The Winds Out of the West Land Blow by A E Housman 
    38 - November 1847 by Henry Alford 
    39 - Sonnet 73 - That Time of Year Thou Mayst in Me Behold by William Shakespeare 
    40 - The Going of the Battery (Wives Lament November the 2nd 1899) by Thomas Hardy 
    41 - The Melancholy Year is Dead with Rain by Trumbell Stickney 
    42 - A November Note by Alfred Austin 
    43 - November by Lucy Hamilton Hooper 
    44 - November 1813 by William Wordsworth 
    45 - A Thought on Death, November 1814 by Anna Laetitia Barbauld 
    46 - On the Death of Princess Borghese, at Rome, November 1840 by Richard Monckton Milnes Houghton 
    47 - Paris. November the 11th, 1918 by Mary Wedderburn Cannan 
    48 - In Memoriam by Ewart Alan Mackintosh (Killed in Action 21st November 1917, Aged 24) 
    49 - November by John Keble 
    50 - For the Fallen by Lawrence Binyon 
    51 - Rugby Chapel, November 1857 by Matthew Arnold
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