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Big Book of Best Short Stories - Volume 11 - cover

Big Book of Best Short Stories - Volume 11

John Kendrick Bangs, Jacques Futrelle, John Buchan, E.F. Benson, Kenneth Grahame, Julian Hawthorne, A. E. W. Mason, Daniil Kharms, Frank Stockton, Ella D'Arcy, August Nemo

Publisher: Tacet Books

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This book contains70 short storiesfrom 10 classic, prize-winning and noteworthy authors. The stories were carefully selected by the criticAugust Nemo, in a collection that will please theliterature lovers.
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This book contains:

- A. E. W. Mason:The Affair At The Semiramis Hotel
The Clock
Green Paint
Ensign Knightley
The Man Of Wheels
The Coward
Keeper Of The Bishop

- Julian Hawthorne:David Poindexter's Disappearance.
Ken's Mystery.
When Half-gods Go, the Gods Arrive.
Set Not Thy Foot on Graves.
My Friend Paton.
The Christmas Guest.
The Laughing Mill

- Kenneth Grahame:The Twenty-First of October
Dies Irae
Mutabile Semper
The Magic Ring
Its Walls Were as of Jasper
A Saga of the Seas
The Reluctant Dragon

- John Kendrick Bangs:The Water Ghost Of Harrowby Hall
The Spectre Cook Of Bangletop
A Midnight Visitor
The Speck On The Lens
A Quicksilver Cassandra
The Ghost Club
A Psychical Prank

- Frank R. Stockton:The Bee-Man Of Orn.
The Griffin And The Minor Canon.
Old Pipes And The Dryad.
The Queen's Museum.
Prince Hassak's March.
The Battle Of The Third Cousins.
The Banished King.

- Jacques Futrelle:The Problem of Cell 13
The Thinking Machine
Five Millions by Wireless
Kidnapped Baby Blake, Millionaire
The Problem of the Motor Boat
The Problem of the Opera Box
The Problem of the Vanishing man

- Ella D'Arcy:Irremediable
White Magic
A Marriage
In Normandy
The Pleasure-Pilgrim
The Web of Maya
An Engagement

- John Buchan:Politics and the Mayfly
The Keeper of Cademuir
The Wife of Flanders
The Watcher by the Threshold
Comedy in the Full Moon
The Herd of Standlan

- E. F. Benson:The Room in the Tower
Mrs. Amworth
Mr. Tilly's Séance
Negotium Perambulans
How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery
The Horror-Horn

- Daniil Kharms:Symphony no. 2
On phenomena and existences - No. 1
The thing
Andrey Semyonovich
An unexpected drinking bout
The destiny of a professor's wife
The memoirs of a wise old man

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