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The Richest Man in Babylon - cover

The Richest Man in Babylon

George S. Clason

Publisher: Open Road Media

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Gain timeless wisdom on wealth-building in this multimillion-selling classic of personal finance.In ancient times, a man named Arkad is questioned by his childhood friends: how has he prospered enough to become the richest man in Babylon while they still struggle to get by? He answers them by sharing essential truths about money—earning it, spending it, saving it, giving it, investing it—that continue to benefit countless readers in the twenty-first century. Rooted in evergreen principles rather than get-rich-quick gimmicks, The Richest Man in Babylon is an indispensable read, providing solid, simple guidance on how to achieve financial security and success.

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  • Retire Before Mom and Dad - The Simple Numbers Behind a Lifetime of Financial Freedom - cover

    Retire Before Mom and Dad - The...

    Rob Berger

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    It’s time to claim your financial freedom. 
    All you need is a roadmap to follow and you can create a life most people only dream about. A life free from financial stress. A life full of what matters most to you. 
    In Retire Before Mom and Dad, you’ll learn how to unlock the superpower inside of you that is capable of transforming almost any income into lasting financial freedom. And, you’ll discover that it’s not about scrimping and sacrificing to get there. 
    Forbes Deputy Editor and Personal Finance Expert, Rob Berger, will teach you:The 5 money myths that are keeping you from a life of financial freedomThe step-by-step plan you need to save money without giving up your favorite hobbiesHow the rule of 857 turns pocket change into thousands in savingsThe superpower you have to become wealthy on just about any incomeHow to achieve financial freedom with AutoPilot investingThe 7 Levels of Financial Freedom and what it takes to reach each level 
    Change the way you see money. Instead of trying to buy happiness that is always one more purchase away, your money will buy your freedom. What you do with that freedom is up to you. 
    You only have one life to live. Make it count.
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  • Homemade for Sale - How to Set Up and Market a Food Business from Your Home Kitchen - cover

    Homemade for Sale - How to Set...

    Lisa Kivirist, John Ivanko

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    From the authors of Farmstead Chef, the authoritative guide for launching a successful home-based food enterprise, from idea and recipe to final product. 
    From farm-to-fork and “Buy Local” to slow food and hand-made artisan breads, more people than ever are demanding real food made with real ingredients by real people. Widely known as “cottage food legislation,” over forty-two states and many Canadian provinces have enacted recent legislation that encourages home cooks to create and sell a variety of “non-hazardous” food items, often defined as those that are high-acid, like pickles, or low moisture, like breads or cookies. Finally, “homemade” and “fresh from the oven” on the package can mean exactly what it says. 
    Homemade for Sale is the first authoritative guide to conceiving and launching your own home-based food start-up. Packed with profiles of successful cottage food entrepreneurs, this comprehensive and accessible resource covers everything you need to get cooking for your customers, creating items that by their very nature are specialized and unique. Topics covered include:Product development and testingMarketing and developing your nicheStructuring your business and planning for the futureManaging liability, risk, and government regulations 
    You can join a growing movement of entrepreneurs starting small food businesses from their home. No capital needed, just good recipes, enthusiasm, and commitment, plus enough know-how to turn fresh ingredients into sought-after treats for your local community. Everything required is probably already in your home kitchen. Best of all, you can start tomorrow! 
    Praise for Homemade for Sale 
    “Revive local economies and create jobs. Add value instead of selling commodities. Rebuild regional food systems. Diversify production on the landscape. Capitalize the infrastructure for a sane and healthy diet. And yet, there is no switch to flip: we have to start-small, learn the lessons, and grow this sector ourselves. Homemade for Sale is the perfect start.” —Severine von Tscharner Fleming, director, Greenhorns; and co-founder, Farm Hack and National Young Farmers Coalition 
    "We are in a golden age for local, artisanal culinary products. But the food industry can be particularly challenging for startup businesses. Homemade for Sale is a valuable resource to help culinary entrepreneurs understand what lies ahead so they can more easily navigate their journey of turning their passion into a livelihood.” —Gregory Heller, author, U.S. Kitchen Incubators: An Industry Snapshot
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  • Agile Product Management: User Stories: How to Capture Requirements for Agile Product Management and Business Analysis with Scrum - cover

    Agile Product Management: User...

    Paul VII

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    In this class you will be given proven methods to create, maintain, and manage your requirements using user stories as part of an agile scrum team. I know you will get value from this class, as it gives you a full introduction to the concept of agile user stories for managing product requirements. I then walk you step by step through everything involved in managing requirements using user stories, including writing, combining, and splitting complex user stories. Following this, I give you a complete overview of epics and themes and how they can be used to capture and group complex requirements in any team or business. Along the way I give you plenty of examples and best practices for working with user stories within agile scrum. In this class you will learn: What user stories are and why they are so powerful for capturing requirements in complex projects How to feel confident in writing user stories for any project How to understand what requirements specs are and why they are less flexible than a product backlog built with agile user stories How to explain the three Rs rule, acceptance criteria, the INVEST principle, the three Cs principle, and edge cases and how they will make you a better user story writer or agile practitioner How and when to split and amalgamate stories Techniques to help you to split user stories when working in the real world
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  • Flip Side of Failing - How to Recognize and Leverage Greatness in Life and Work - cover

    Flip Side of Failing - How to...

    Sarah McVanel

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    Make Failure Your Super Power 
    Not Your Kryptonite! 
    Who among us has never experienced a failure? We beat ourselves up whether the failure is big or small. And we judge others for their failures. We've been programmed to hide our mistakes, cover up our failures - to be ashamed. 
    But what if it weren't like that? What if, on the other side of failure, was an awakening, a deeper relationship, an improved process? What might that do for our personal and professional relationships, our businesses and careers, ourselves? 
    Flip Side of Failing shines a light on failure and provides readers with analyses and strategies to free themselves from "not good enough." 
    Curious about what made some people exceptionally successful, Sarah McVanel interviewed over 30 amazing Canadians about their greatness. People like: 
    •   Peter Mansbridge - award-winning journalist 
    •   Heather Moyse - two-time Olympic gold medalist 
    •   Jim Ferron - decorated Major-General and executive 
    •   Orlando Bowen - ex-CFL player and philanthropist 
    •   Chapman's - Canada's largest independent ice cream manufacturer 
    Through real-life stories, reflective exercises, wise coaching questions and research findings, you'll be ready to embrace the flip side of failing to leverage and recognize greatness all around you.
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  • Guide to John C Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - cover

    Guide to John C Maxwell’s The 21...

    . IRB Media

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    PLEASE NOTE: This is a companion to C. Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and NOT the original book. 
    The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (2007) is a thorough look at the lessons in leadership the author, John Maxwell, has learned in his years as a pastor, leadership mentor, and consultant. This is the tenth anniversary edition of the book….
    Inside this companion:
    • Overview of the book
    • Important People
    • Key Insights
    • Analysis of Key Insights
    About the Author:  With Instaread, you can get the notes and insights from a book in 15 minutes or less.
    Visit our website at
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  • 50 Bosses Worse Than Yours - cover

    50 Bosses Worse Than Yours

    Justin Racz

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    Satirist Justin Racz, author of the wildly successful 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours, returns to the world of cubicles, water coolers, and boardrooms-this time targeting the workingman's ultimate nemesis: his boss. From the bullies to the bureaucrats to the bunglers, bosses are as unavoidable as they are insufferable. Thankfully, 50 Bosses Worse Than Yours is here to remind us that no matter how bad we think we have it, there are worse people to be taking orders from. Including entries such as "Condescending Rita," "Enforced After-Work Drinks Proposer," "Ten Years Younger Than You and Makes Double Your Salary," and the original bad boss, "Your Dad," this book presents the most unbearable, cruel-intentioned, and mind-bogglingly incompetent employers ever to pass through Human Resources.
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