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Oxford Classics: Poetry - cover

Oxford Classics: Poetry

Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, Emily Brontë, Walt Whitman, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Alexander Pope, Andrew Lang, Christopher Marlowe, Oliver Goldsmith, George MacDonald, Robert Burns, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Louis Stevenson, JOHN KEATS, Percy Bysshe Shelley, George Meredith, Robert Browning, Thomas Love Peacock, Sir Walter Raleigh, William Wordsworth, Walter Scott, William Butler Yeats, Rudyard Kipling, William Blake, Alfred Tennyson, Edmund Spenser, Geoffrey Chaucer, Gilbert Parker, T. W. Rolleston, Sir Thomas Wyatt, John Milton

Publisher: e-artnow

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This edition consists of poetry anthologies edited and annotated by well-known poets and distinguished Oxford academics. These collections are considered an establishment in attitude and, in the perspective of canon-formation, they have been retrospective and well-researched.
The Oxford Book of Latin Verse:
Nvma Pompilivs
The Arval Brotherhood
CN. Naevivs
T. Maccivs Plavtvs
Marcivs Vates
Q. Ennivs
M. Pacvvivs
L. Accivs
Valerivs Aeditvvs
Q. Lvtativs Catvlvs
Porcivs Licinvs
M. Fvrivs Bibacvlvs
M. Tvllivs Cicero
C. Helvivs Cinna
M. Tvllivs Lavrea
Q. Tvllivs Cicero
C. Ivlivs Caesar
C. Licinivs Macer Calvvs
T. Lvcretivs Carvs
C. Valerivs Catvllvs
L. Varivs
C. Cilnivs Maecenas
P. Vergilivs Maro
Q. Horativs Flaccvs
Albivs Tibvllvs
Domitivs Marsvs
Sextvs Propertivs
Panegyristae Messallae
Cornelivs Severvs
M. Manilivs
Albinovanvs Pedo
P. Ovidivs Naso…
The Oxford Book of English Verse:
Robert Mannyng of Brunne
John Barbour
Geoffrey Chaucer
Thomas Hoccleve
John Lydgate
King James I of Scotland
Robert Henryson
William Dunbar
John Skelton
Stephen Hawes
Sir Thomas Wyatt
Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
Nicholas Grimald
Alexander Scott
Robert Wever
Richard Edwardes
George Gascoigne…
The Oxford Book of Ballads:
Thomas the Rhymer
Tam Lin
Sir Cawline
Sir Aldingar
Willy's Lady
The Queen of Elfland's Nourice
Lady Isabel and the Elf-Knight
The Riddling Knight

May Colvin
The Wee Wee Man
Alison Gross
Kemp Owyne
The Laily Worm and the Machrel of the Sea
King Orfeo
King Henry
The Boy and the Mantle
King Arthur and King Cornwall
The Marriage of Sir Gawain…
Modern Oxford Poetry:
Oxford Poetry 1917
Oxford Poetry 1919
Oxford Poetry 1920
Oxford Poetry 1921
Oxford Lectures on Poetry:
Poetry for Poetry's Sake
The Sublime
Hegel's Theory of Tragedy
Shelley's View of Poetry
The Long Poem in the Age of Wordsworth
The Letters of Keats
The Rejection of Falstaff
Shakespeare's 'Antony and Cleopatra'
Shakespeare the Man
Shakespeare's Theatre and Audience
Available since: 11/09/2022.
Print length: 3089 pages.

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