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The Taken Saga - cover

The Taken Saga

C J Edwards

Publisher: Erotic Dreams

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A collection of the first three stories in the Taken series. The stories follow the trials and tribulations of British Army officer's wife and daughter, Arabella and Georgiana. An impromptu visit to Northern Cyprus puts them in the hands of a corrupt police chief who is set to use the gorgeous woman for his own ends.

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    Close To Power

    Sarah Tender

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    Tommy is a personal secretary to up-and-coming Tory MP Robert Argyllus - and more than that, nudge nudge wink wink.  Not that he's anything other than the soul of discretion.  Not that he has much choice, now that the Party machinery has gone into gear and found Argyllus a suitable wife - much, much more suitable than Tommy could ever be.   
    A future Conservative minister - a possible future Conservative PRIME minister - could never have an openly acknowledged gay partner.  Still less a publicly presented trans wife... 
    So Tommy is looking for comfort elsewhere.  He's always been jealous of Linus, Robert's closest, oldest friend - and more than that, once.  But now, maybe now they have enough in common for alliance.  And still enough antagonism to strike sparks...
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  • Date Knight - A Trail Back to You - cover

    Date Knight - A Trail Back to You

    Robert J.

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    An Erotic Bedtime Comedy For Romantic Adults
    A LONG TIME AGO. while on vacation two teens fall instantly in love the
    first time their eyes meet and become inseparable. Their bond forming so quickly
    and so strong, that they decide to make each other their first. What should have
    started a lifetime relationship of sexual adventures, just as quickly is stopped by
    events neither could control nor avoid and are forced to lose touch. These events so
    life altering to each of them that neither could get past it years later.
    Fast forward 33 years..
    By a chance encounter on a beautiful night in Niagara Falls two long lost lovers
    unknowingly find each other once more. Like years past the spark between them
    ignites inside but stronger than ever. They need to make up lost time and there is
    nothing they won't try, but can their relationship survive?
    This is their story..
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    Amanda is a girl with a fetish, but it isn't until she finds an interesting online forum that she begins to understand that she is not alone. There are other girls who dream of being treated like dairy cattle, creatures to be bred and milked with machines. She also learns that there are men, farmers who specialise in training Hucows, and farmer Bernie is keen to get his hands on her big fat udders
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    Growing up is hard. No one knows that better than Alicia Cesare.
    As a child, Alicia struggled to free herself from the cloying shadow of her mother's depression and the overprotectiveness of a meddlesome family. With a top-selling fashion design and a passionate relationship with New York City real estate mogul Chase Reardon blossoming, being an adult isn't so bad . . . until she's viciously attacked by a Russian drug lord out for the blood of anyone that matters to Chase.
    Now, under constant surveillance from family or a team of former special-ops Marines, Alicia remains determined to maintain her freedom and grow her brand. This does not sit well with Chase who sees Alicia's behavior as reckless and as much of a threat to her safety as the vicious gangster himself.
    Chase thought his service to the United States ended, but when he's called to duty, he readily responds. What's meant to be a simple mission unravels into a dangerous separation for both.
    Nothing could have prepared Alicia for what was to follow.
    Trapped in a web of lethal reprisals and on her own for the first time, Alicia struggles to protect herself and those she loves while balancing independence and the transcendent force of unconditional love.
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  • Hardcore Super Pack - cover

    Hardcore Super Pack

    C. C. Passions, Sasha Moans

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    Eight of the hottest hardcore sex stories on the market are now available in this Super Pack for the first time!
    	Included are:
    	The Tasty Trainee: 
    	The first day at Charlotte's new job becomes more eventful than planned when the beautiful manager, with her busty assistant, team up to give her some proper training!
    	The Courier Guy: 
    	Tammy just found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her for months. When she suddenly encounters Jim, the courier guy, she decides to give him the biggest tip of his life!
    	Poolside Passion: 
    	Anne was annoyed with her unappreciative life-partner, and what better revenge than to hook up with the beautiful new pool girl? But when the pool girl's sexy girlfriend suddenly joins in, Anne discovers a brand new way to feel appreciated!
    	The Stranded Stranger: 
    	Kimberly, a recent divorcee in desperate need of a distraction from her troubles, almost runs over Bob, who's car has broken down and in is need of a lift. Both are about to get the ride of their lives!
    	The Naughty Neighbour: 
    	Paula was feeling too naughty to go to work, so after calling in sick she decides to give her depressed friend, Tabitha, one heck of a pick me up. But when the sexy neighbour joins in with one of her tools, things get down right scorching hot!
    	The Book Store Babe: 
    	Andre never thought reading at a book store could be fun until he meets Sasha, the new clerk, who is very interested in helping him find more than he ever dreamed of!
    	Courier Cravings: 
    	Elaine was finished with her deadbeat girlfriend, and what better way to celebrate this new found sexual freedom than with the first two women she encounters: her beautiful accountant and the sexy courier lady!
    	The Busty Maid: 
    	Kevin learns that his vivacious new maid, Annette, has an insatiable hunger for older men, and he soon discovers just how badly that appetite needs to be fed!
    	For the delight of adults only.
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  • Men At Work: Three Gay Erotica Stories - cover

    Men At Work: Three Gay Erotica...

    Dixon Cox

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    These big men certainly knew how to handle their tools...
    	The customer isn't always right, but sometimes men in service will go a long way to ensure that their customer is left completely and utterly satisfied. Three men get a lot more than they bargained for when they call in the professionals. This is service with a smile... and a lot more!
    	WARNING: Men At Work is a 15,500+ word collection of gay hardcore erotica short stories, intended for adults only. This collection features mature content scenes that some readers may find distressing - reader discretion is advised.
    	Servicing The Crew: Waiting for the bathroom to be renovated, the man of the house is caught having some personal time at his laptop by one of the workers. What happens next is beyond his wildest fantasies -- but will it speed up the construction of the new bathroom at all?
    	Serviced By The Salesmen: It's the late 1970s and John's about to discover just what lengths the salesmen at the store will do to help him find the perfect pair of jeans. Simon and Jerry are overly helpful, and they aren't just interested in the measurements of his inside leg. John soon finds that these salesmen are prepared to go to extremes to ensure that he is one very happy customer...
    	Serviced By The Plumbers:With no money and an overflowing toilet to fix, one man has to work out a deal with the two plumbers who have come to to help. There's a lot more than just one pipe to clean... and are they really as helpful and friendly as they seem?
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