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The Taken Saga - cover

The Taken Saga

C J Edwards

Publisher: Erotic Dreams

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A collection of the first three stories in the Taken series. The stories follow the trials and tribulations of British Army officer's wife and daughter, Arabella and Georgiana. An impromptu visit to Northern Cyprus puts them in the hands of a corrupt police chief who is set to use the gorgeous woman for his own ends.

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    Stan starts his adventure in a tub of depilatory liquid. He’s sought out a dark fantasy: to be meat for a group of men. Of course, they wouldn’t really cook and eat him. Would they?
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    Little did she know that these males were horny and ready for action. That she was a human didn’t matter. They’d take any hole they could get.
    "These are my pod mates. I'm Stormbreak." he motioned to the circling fins.
    "Sorry, I thought you guys were sharks," she giggled at being so foolish.
    He chuckled.
    "To make up for disturbing your peace, I'd like to show you something," he said with a smile.
    "Sure. What is it?"
    "Follow me." He dove into the water.
    Taking a deep breath, she followed.
    Going deeper until they came to the ocean floor, he pointed to a coral reef. She saw what looked like a cave lighted by glowing rocks.
    She was so amazed that she followed him and his pod inside. There he showed her an air pocket.
    Nothing felt so soothing as that deep breath of air. After gulping down as much as she could, she looked around at the glowing, wondrous cave.
    It's so beautiful!" She gasped, admiring the magical cave.
    One of the horny males rubbed her long leg with his snout, sending enjoyable tingles through her body.
    "Oh, I know your game!" she teased with a sly glint in her eyes.
    She stroked his skin with her soft hands. Then looked around to the others.
    "Who has the largest dick?" She giggled as they all jumped at attention. "Show me!"
    They all laid on their backs, displaying their enormous dicks.
    "Oh...they all are sooo big!" she cooed as she ran her fingers over each of their proud pink dicks.
    They all sighed and shuddered with pleasure at her soft touch.
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    As she slowly walked through her living and dining rooms inspecting the artworks that Ari and Tom had unpacked, she was shocked. These were not the pictures Denise had sent. There was nothing subtle about these works at all. They were almost pornographic. Many of the pieces were carvings from various types of wood. Some were nude figures of men and women, almost all in some sort of blatantly erotic pose.
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    Things are changing again for the foursome. Can they weather these changes as they do everything else—together?
    Things are changing again for Bishop, Knight, Rook and Jason. Not only is Jason going back to school, but Knight has bought a cottage on a lake several hours away, and none of them are quite sure what it all means for their family of four.
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    Could this be the beginning of two couples and the end of their foursome just when Jason was settling into being a part of this weird but wonderful family? Or will they find a way to make it work just like they have everything else?
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