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Edgar Allan Poe's Detective Stories

Edgar Allan Poe

Little Masterpieces

Edgar Allan Poe

The Fatal Move - and other stories

Conall Cearnach

Fancies Versus Fads

G. K. Chesterton

Dialogues in Limbo

George Santayana

Tales From Ariosto - retold for children by a lady

Ludovico Ariosto

Russian and Bulgarian Folk-Lore Stories - translated from Karel Erben’s One Hundred Popular Slavonic Folk-Lore Stories with Notes Essays etc

Karel Erben, W.W. Sttrickland

A Collection of Eastern Stories and Legends - for narration or later reading in schools

Marie. L. Shedlock

Rabbi Ben Ezra & Other Poems

Robert Browning

Selected Papers on Anthropology Travel and Exploration

Richard Francis Burton

Karma a story of Buddhist Ethics

Paul Carus

The Inner Government of the World

Annie Besant

Digital Consciousness

Tenille Bentley

Prophetic Integrity - Maintaining Integrity in Today's Prophetic Ministry

Alice Smith Eddie Smith