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Battle Formation

T.R. Harris

The Flag and the Cross - White Christian Nationalism and the Threat to American Democracy

Samuel L. Perry, Philip S. Gorski, Jemar Tisby

Lifeforce - An Adam Cain Adventure

T.R. Harris

War of Attrition - An Adam Cain and Copernicus Smith Adventure: The Human Chronicles Legacy Series Book 2

T.R. Harris

Secondary Protocol - An Adam Cain and Copernicus Smith Adventure

T.R. Harris

Raiders of the Shadow - An Adam Cain and Copernicus Smith Adventure: The Human Chronicles Legacy Series Book 1

T.R. Harris

Age of Cage - Four Decades of Hollywood Through One Singular Career

Keith Phipps

The Beatles 100 - 100 Pivotal Moments in Beatles History

John Borack

Go Further

Paul Myers, S.W. Lauden

The Memory Monster

Yishai Sarid

REV - Resolve

T.R. Harris

The Murders That Made Us - How Vigilantes Hoodlums Mob Bosses Serial Killers and Cult Leaders Built the San Francisco Bay Area

Bob Calhoun

Green Swans - The Coming Boom In Regenerative Capitalism

John Elkington, Paul Polman

Fears of a Setting Sun - The Disillusionment of America's Founders

Dennis C. Rasmussen

REV - Revelations

T.R. Harris

Black Tulip - The Life and Myth of Erich Hartmann the World's Top Fighter Ace

Erik Schmidt

Abundance - The Future Is Better Than You Think

Peter H. Diamandis, Steven Kotler

The Inflation Myth and the Wonderful World of Deflation

Mark Mobius

Grant's Victory - How Ulysses S Grant Won the Civil War

Bruce L. Brager

REV - Retribution

T.R. Harris

Back Bay Blues

Peter Colt

REV - Revolution

T.R. Harris

The Clock Mirage - Our Myth of Measured Time

Joseph Mazur


Finn Arne Jorgensen

Well - What We Need to Talk About When We Talk About Health

Sandro Galea

A Decent Life - Morality for the Rest of Us

Todd May

The Elements of Investing - Easy Lessons for Every Investor Updated Edition

Burton G. Malkiel, Charles D Ellis

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming - A Step-by-Step Guide by the Bestselling Author of Lucid Dreaming

Stephen LaBerge PhD, Howard Rheingold

Reaching for the Moon - A Short History of the Space Race

Roger D. Launius

The Seventh Step

Bill Sands