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Odd Spirits - A Summoner's Circle Series Novella

S. T. Gibson

The Other Woman

Ambrose Ibsen

Our Fathers' Burden - A Horror Novel

William F. Gray


Chris Koslowski

Knife River

Baron Birtcher

The Apprentice Reborn

James E. Wisher

Small Town Horror

Ronald Malfi

Fat Vampire 6: Survival of the Fattest

Johnny B. Truant

Fat Vampire 3: All You Can Eat

Johnny B. Truant

Fat Vampire

Johnny B. Truant

Fat Vampire 2: Tastes Like Chicken

Johnny B. Truant

Fat Vampire 5: Fatpocalypse

Johnny B. Truant

The Army of Darkness

James E. Wisher

Lucas - His Hollywood Legacy

Richard Ravalli

Dead Things in Dark Places

David Viergutz

His Fierce Mate

Julie Trettel

Raise Some Shell: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Richard Rosenbaum

His Chosen Mate

Julie Trettel


Andrew Najberg

10 Drink Minimum

Matthew Lutton

The Hunt For Revenge

James E. Wisher

A Spectrum of Legacies

Mark A. Weber

The War With Audin - A Portal Wars Story

James E. Wisher


Tim Akers

Children of The End

James E. Wisher


Baron Birtcher

Do or Die - A Zombicide Novel

Josh Reynolds

Supes Ain't Always Heroes - Inside the Complex Characters and Twisted Psychology of The Boys

Lynn Zubernis, Matthew Snyder

Necessary Death - What Horror Movies Teach Us About Navigating the Human Experience

Chris Grosso, Preston Fassel


Nick Roberts