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1932 - FDR Hoover and the Dawn of a New America

Scott Martelle

The Software Developer's Career Handbook - A Guide to Navigating the Unpredictable

Michael Lopp

Ibn Sina - A Very Short Introduction

Peter Adamson

Less Heat More Light - A Guided Tour of Weather Climate and Climate Change

John D. Aber

The Cannons Roar - Fort Sumter and the Start of the Civil War—An Oral History

Bruce Chadwick

The Jesuits in the United States - A Concise History

David J. Collins S.J.

Planting Our World

Stefano Mancuso

The False Promise of Superiority - The United States and Nuclear Deterrence after the Cold War

James H. Lebovic

The Assassination of Julius Caesar - A People's History of Ancient Rome

Michael Parenti

Time To Fear

Michael Anderle

Antiquity - From the Birth of Sumerian Civilization to the Fall of the Roman Empire

Norman F. Cantor

Young Apostate

Michael Anderle

The Heretic Lives

Michael Anderle

High Tension - FDR's Battle to Power America

John A. Riggs

Afghanistan - What Everyone Needs to Know

Barnett R. Rubin

Last Ferry Home

Kent Harrington

The Death of the Universe - Rebirth

Brandon Q. Morris

War of the Gods - Alien Skulls Underground Cities and Fire from the Sky

Erich Von Daniken

Time Crime

Carnegie Olson

The Death of the Universe - Ghost Kingdom

Brandon Q. Morris

The Incredible Journey of Plants

Stefano Mancuso

The Death of the Universe - Hard Science Fiction

Brandon Q. Morris

Strange Times: Richard III in the 21st Century Book 3

Joan Szechtman

Loyalty Binds Me: Richard III in the 21st Century Book 2 - Richard III in the 21st-century

Joan Szechtman

Riding Home - The Power of Horses to Heal

Tim Hayes

The Fourth Courier

Timothy Jay Smith

The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth

Michael Mandelbaum

Understanding Options

Michael Sincere

Mullets and Man Buns - John Lee Quarrels Book 4

Nick Russell

The Academy

Bentley Little