24 books 2017

The best books of 2017

A selection of the best books of 2017, chosen by the digital booksellers and readers of 24symbols.

Choosing the best books of the year is a difficult task. Even so, once the turn of the year arrives, we find ourselves surrounded by multiple lists of bestsellers, expert analyses and all kind of book recommendations for the New Year.

In the middle of this buzz, we can’t keep quiet and have prepared a selection to give a voice to our strong digital readers. At 24symbols we work the entire year in order to keep our digital bookshelves up to date with relevant titles. We create thematic selections, distribute them in our social networks and publish articles in our magazine to present you with the books we think you’ll enjoy the most. Nevertheless, in the end it’s you, our digital readers, who render the verdict of the books we present to you. This is why we’ve dug deep into the data of the books you’ve opened on 24symbols and have analyzed each and every single one of them to see whether you’ve put the book aside after a few pages or have read everything from beginning to end. We’ve looked for outstanding books, the ones that captivate you, that simply don’t let you go, books you’ve actually read and not just sold copies or books that you’ve browsed in and quickly abandoned.

Combining our suggestions with the actual results of your reading habits in our platform, we’ve created the bookshelf 24 books of 2017.

As digital booksellers and editors we always try to influence this reading process but only the gods of literature know why a reader selects a book that will touch his heart. We don’t pretend to solve this mystery but we do want to map your reading habits of the past months. The result is a spicy selection including all kind of genres because, strong readers that you are, you don’t just satisfy your literary thirst with romance or crime novels but also seek for anthropology, religion, science and much more. We’ve prepared a distinguished menu, tasty and impeccable, for you to enjoy. Have a look at the books that have inspired the digital readers of 24symbols, old and new, and (re)discover your next book, recommended by our readers:

24 books of 2017

24 books 2017

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  1. Demian – The Story of Emil Sinclair’s Youth
  2. Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind
  3. The People vs Muhammad – Psychological Analysis
  4. Born to Love, Cursed to Feel
  5. The Song of Achilles
  6. You Can Win
  7. The Alchemist
  8. Purple Hibiscus
  9. Geek Girl: Model Misfit
  10. Eleven Minutes
  11. Mind Reader
  12. Black Widow
  13. Life Without You
  14. Love is a Dog from Hell
  15. American Gods
  16. The Magicians’ Guild
  17. Love’s Funny That Way
  18. Stop Don’t Read This
  19. Never Cry Wolf
  20. Asylum
  21. Secret Lives of the Four Wives
  22. Sex Rules! Astonishing Sexual Practices and Gender Roles around the World
  23. A Friend of the Family
  24. The 7 Secrets to Getting Sh*t Done

And this is it! We could go on and on because by reducing a year of reading to the 24 best books of the year, we’re bound to leave out many titles that are worth mentioning. This is the injustice that comes with every selection and we beg your pardon.

Last but not least, we do have a New Year’s resolution you’re welcome to make your own: Read and reread, discover more and more books and never stop reading. If you decide to do so in our company, remember our special offer for a whole year of reading without limits. Happy New Year and happy reading in 2018!