Best Books of 2020

The 12 best books of 2020

This year more than ever, literature has given us the opportunity to disconnect, learn and travel. We have seen that, while Covid-19 has changed our lives in 2020, many of you have found company in books. Therefore, this year it was a special treat for us to highlight once again the best books of the year, the 12 books of 2020 – a year we will never forget.

In this selection we have included the titles that you liked the most from our best books of the moment as well as those books that have not needed any promotion in order for you to devour them. It is a special pick of our most read books of 2020: 12 books that have especially intrigued you, that have given you joy in difficult times, books that you have chosen yourselves.

We hope these books will bring you good memories. And if there should be a book that has not made it on your reading list last year, maybe now would be a good time. Because there is no doubt that each of the following books is highly recommendable:

  1. All His Pretty Girls
  2. Lost Girls
  3. Love Me Like You Do
  4. We Hope This Reaches You in Time
  5. Otherhood UK Edition, US Edition
  6. Do Her No Harm
  7. The Perfect Fraud
  8. Resistance Women
  9. Friend
  10. The Subtweet
  11. Sooner or Later Everything Falls into the Sea UK Edition, US Edition
  12. The Dutch House UK Edition, US Edition

Of course we have also created a shelf with the 12 books of 2020 so that you can follow it or mark the books you like best as your favorites:

The Best Books of 2020

And just like that another year full of wonderful readings is coming to its end. A year that has once again shown us the power of literature. That is why we are looking forward to the new year, eager to get to know all those books that are waiting for us. Books that will show us new worlds, times and customs.

At 24symbols we want you to fully enjoy the emotion and knowledge that only books can provide. So, if you have not yet signed up for our subscription, we have prepared a special offer for you:

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