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We Hope This Reaches You in Time - cover

We are sorry! The publisher (or author) gave us the instruction to take down this book from our catalog. But please don't worry, you still have more than 500,000 other books you can enjoy!

We Hope This Reaches You in Time

r.h. Sin, Samantha King Holmes

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

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A revised and expanded paperback edition of We Hope This Reaches You in Time by Samantha King Holmes and r.h. Sin with all-new bonus material from the authors.Ideas, poetry, and prose from bestselling authors Samantha King Holmes & r.h. Sin.

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    Joseph Ashby-Sterry was an English poet and novelist. He works include Boudoir Ballads, a collection of poetry, now out of print. This poem is taken from the 1888 edition of The Lazy Minstrel. - Summary by Wikipedia
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    Play description  
    ACT I  
    Scene 1. The Earl of Northumberland learns that his son, Hotspur, has been killed in battle against the  
    King. The royal army, under Prince John of Lancaster and the Earl of Westmoreland, is now  
    advancing against Northumberland who considers joining forces with the Archbishop of York.  
    Scene 2. The Chief Justice reprimands Falstaff for his part in a robbery at Gadshill. He cautions  
    Falstaff to keep his head low and bemoans the fact Prince Hal keeps such unsuitable company.  
    Falstaff is on his way to join Prince John.  
    Scene 3. The Archbishop and others debate the wisdom of going into battle against the King before  
    they are entirely sure of Northumberland’s support. They reason that the King’s forces are weakened  
    by being divided between three campaigns and decide to take the risk and go ahead. 
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    Powder River returns with fifteen new and exciting episodes filled with action, adventure, plot twists, and the heartwarming characters that have made it a favorite on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Set in 1877 Clearmont, Wyoming, Chad MacMasters returns home and confesses to Britt that he has infiltrated the notorious Clyde gang set on robbing the Clearmont Bank - Lucas Clyde hides out in the home of elderly Etta Wilkins - Judge Parker "the Hanging Judge" arrives in Clearmont - Britt takes on cattle rustlers in the trilogy "Morgan's Town," and Vincent Kelly, once engaged to Sandy, arrives in Clearmont as the new owner of  "The Golden Nugget." These and many other exciting adventures are featured in this collectors edition. 
    Episodes include: Wanted/ Bandit's Pass/ Just Like Home/ Judge Parker/ The Awful Tooth/ Morgan's Town, Part 1/ Morgan's Town, Part 2/ Morgan's Town, Part 3/ Till Death Do Us Part/ The Winds of the Prairie/ The Bride From The East/ The Instant of Unexpected/ The Wagon Boy/ The New Owner/ The Moment of Truth
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    The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood began as a group of painters, including Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Holman Hunt, who wished to reject the stern and academic strictures of current painting and return to the simpler and more uncomplicated days before the Italian High Renaissance and the days of Raphael. 
    The movement was short lived but very influential and, as well, was taken up by a number of different arts. 
    For poetry, it was a major movement and, because of its depiction of pleasures of the flesh, was, at the time, heavily criticised.  One critic called it ‘The Fleshly School of Poetry’. However, the sensationalist aside, it unleashed works that had instant appeal.  The movement pushed back against contemporary writings which seemed full of tradition and the more mundane problems of society.  
    To exploit and gain attention for their ideas, the Brotherhood started their own periodical; The Germ, which, although it only lasted four numbers did much to bring them attention.  
    Its devotion to the Mediaeval, to symbols and a more naturalistic and detailed approach to poetry were refreshing, especially as the movement sprang up from a Victorian Society that believed morals should be strictly managed, or at least in public. 
    The Pre-Raphaelites as an organised group eventually went their own way but had behind them works which heavily influenced painting and literature for decades to come. 
    With poets of the calibre of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, his sister Christina Georgina Rossetti, William Morris, Charles Algernon Swinburne and George Meredith poetry of great beauty, tenderness and even rawness was placed on the page. 
     This volume comes to you from Portable Poetry, a specialized imprint from Deadtree Publishing.  Our range is large and growing and covers single poets, themes, and many compilations.
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    Shortlisted for the 2008 Griffin Poetry Prize
    Shortlisted for the 2007 Governor General's Award for Translation
    The heat of summer on an earlobe, a parking meter, the shadow of crabs and pigeons under a cherry tree, an olive, a shoulder blade in the poems of Nicole Brossard these concrete, quotidian things move languorously through the senses to find a place beyond language. Taken together, they create an audacious new architecture of meaning.
    Nicole Brossard, one of the world’s foremost literary innovators, is known for her experiments with language and her groundbreaking treatment of desire and gender. This dextrous translation by the award-winning poets and translators Erin Moure and Robert Majzels brings into English, with great verve and sensitivity, Brossard’s remarkable syntax and sensuality.
    ‘[Brossard’s] use of elliptical formulations and syntactical hijackings creates tensions between the image and the statement that result in a style that is unmistakably hers.’
    – La Presse
    ‘A new work by Brossard is an event – Yesterday, at the Hotel Clarendon is not merely experimental. It’s radical.’
    – The Globe and Mail
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  • The Bridal of Triermain - cover

    The Bridal of Triermain

    Walter Scott

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    Scott's The Bridal of Triermain is a rhymed, romantic, narrative poem which weaves together elements of popular English legend using dramatic themes. This beautiful poem celebrates the exploits of a knight errant - Sir Roland De Vaux - as he seeks to rescue (and hopefully espouse) a beautiful maiden, Gyneth. Gyneth is the illegitimate daughter of King Arthur: doomed by Merlin 500 years previously to an enchanted sleep inside a magic castle. The enchantment can only be broken by a rescuer both brave and noble enough to overcome the temptations used successively to distract and overcome him, namely: fear, wealth, pleasure and pride.(Introduction by Godsend)
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