Welcome to your new Digital Bookstore

Discover the 24symbols reading experience and the offer we have prepared for you on the Book Day:

Book Day offer


Welcome to the experience of carrying all the books of the world with you, effortless and in the palm of your hand.

Welcome to the favourite corner of strong readers, those of us who think that digital enriches the possibilities of reading; because we like to write notes and comments on books in the cloud, to connect with other similar readers and exchange book recommendations, far from commercial and elitist interests.

You will enter a bookstore with infinite shelves, available at all times. Here you will read more and better, for much less, because the experience of reading in this way goes much further. Here you won’t need to buy every book you’d like to read. You can turn from one book to the other an infinite number of times: open, browse, snoop and read everything you wish. Any book will be available at that same moment when an article, a friend or a memory motivate you to read it. It is a permanent subscription to emotions and knowledge, balance and critical thought, to the pleasure that only reading provides. In many ways, all the ingredients that are needed to build a better life are there.

Celebrate this #bookday in a different way and be an active part of the fascinating evolution that reading is experiencing. In addition to the monthly subscription we have now prepared a yearly subscription for an absurdly low price (we are offering you almost 4 months for free!). Only during this week and without minimum term.