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Knockout Interview Answers - 52 brilliant ideas to make job hunting a piece of cake

Egon Schiele

The Two Princes Juan D Perón and Getulio Vargas A Comparative Study of Latin America Populism

The Jack Brenin Collection - The Golden Acorn Glasruhen Gate Silver Hill The Lost Treasure of Annwn The Oak Lord (+ bonus content)

The Queen of Cool

Live Organic - Brilliant ideas to purify your lifestyle and feel good about it

The Dead Women of Juárez

Design your dream home - Interior design ideas for house and home makeovers

The Prince - 52 brilliant ideas interpretation

Sleep - 10 great tips for a perfect night's sleep

Stress proof your life - 52 brilliant ideas for taking control

The Book of Dragon Lore

Instant wine expert - Shortcuts to great wine choices

Whole new you - 365 brilliant ideas for getting off your butt and living life to the full

Wallace D Wattles' The Science of Getting Rich - A modern-day interpretation of a personal finance classic

Boundless Energy - 52 brilliant ideas for recapturing your bounce

Be your own best life coach - Take charge and live the life you always wanted

Allergy solutions - Tips and techniques to find relief

The Lost Treasure of Annwn - Book 4

Achieve your goals - Fulfill your dreams with help from classic self-help thinkers

The Way to Wealth - A 52 brilliant ideas interpretation

Helpful herbs for health and beauty - Look and feel great naturally

Boost your child's confidence - 52 brilliant drama techniques to help your child shine

The diversity dashboard - A manager’s guide to navigating in cross-cultural turbulence

Cognac - The story of the world's greatest brandy

A strong song tows us - The life of Basil Bunting Britain’s greatest modernist poet

The Oak Lord - Book 5

The Wealth of Nations - A modern-day interpretation of an economic classic

The Golden Acorn - Book 1

Les Misérables