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Love Loss and What We Ate - A Memoir

Padma Lakshmi


Adam Smyer

Bikin' and Brotherhood - My Journey

David Charles Spurgeon

The true life of Pablo Escobar - Blood betrayal and death

Astrid Maria Legarda Martinez

10 Years of Freedom - Biography

Natascha Kampusch, Heike Gronemeier

Minus One - A Year with Breast Cancer

Dorothy Hansen

The Waterfront Journals

David Wojnarowicz

Close to the Knives - A Memoir of Disintegration

David Wojnarowicz

In the Shadow of the American Dream - The Diaries of David Wojnarowicz

David Wojnarowicz

Jumping Fire - A Smokejumper's Memoir of Fighting Wildfire

Murry A. Taylor

Mommie Dearest

Christina Crawford

Don't Lick the Minivan - And Other Things I Never Thought I'd Say to My Kids

Leanne Shirtliffe

A Thirst for Blood - The True Story of California's Vampire Killer

Ray Biondi, Walt Hecox

Chasing Smoke - A Wildfire Memoir

Aaron Williams

Adventures of a Wonky-Eyed Boy - The Short Arse Years

Jason Byrne

Loved Back to Life - How I Found the Courage to Live Free

Sheila Walsh

Not Exactly Love - A Memoir

Betty Hafner

Loving Lindsey - Raising a Daughter with Special Needs

Linda Atwell

A Brief History of Oversharing - One Ginger’s Anthology of Humiliation

Shawn Hitchins

I'm the One Who Got Away - A Memoir

Andrea Jarrell

The Bayou Strangler - Louisiana’s Most Gruesome Serial Killer

Fred Rosen

Cold-Blooded - A True Story of Love Lies Greed and Murder

Carlton Smith

Dying for Daddy - The True Story of a Family's Worst Nightmare

Carlton Smith

Killing Season - The Unsolved Case of New England's Deadliest Serial Killer

Carlton Smith

My Best Friend's Funeral - A Memoir

Roger W Thompson

Mikey and Me - Life with My Exceptional Sister

Teresa Sullivan

Hero Tales From American History - The Great Men Who Gave Their Lives to the Service - George Washington Daniel Boone Francis Parkman Stonewall Jackson Ulysses Grant Robert Gould Shaw Charles Russell Lowell Lieutenant Cushing Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Alamo

Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Cabot Lodge

Finding My Badass Self - A Year of Truths and Dares

Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

Taking Your Place at the Table - The Art of Refusing to Be an Outsider

Joseph JB Bensmihen

Dear Jenny

Nerelle Poroch