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Sticking It Out - From Juilliard to the Orchestra Pit A Percussionist’s Memoir

Patti Niemi

Reading bande dessinee - Critical Approaches to French-language Comic Strip

Ann Miller

The End Of Cinema As We Know It - American Film in the Nineties

Jon Lewis

When Frankie Went to Hollywood - Frank Sinatra and American Male Identity

Karen McNally

Bricks & Mortals - Ten Great Buildings and the People They Made

Tom Wilkinson

The Contemporaries - Travels in the 21st-Century Art World

Roger White

The Searchers - The Making of an American Legend

Glenn Frankel

The Age of Comfort - When Paris Discovered Casual--and the Modern Home Began

Joan DeJean

The Power of Music - Pioneering Discoveries in the New Science of Song

Elena Mannes

Charles Ives in the Mirror - American Histories of an Iconic Composer

David C. Paul

Sweet Air - Modernism Regionalism and American Popular Song

Edward Comentale