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The Introducing series is a book series of graphic guides covering key thinkers and topics in philosophy, psychology and science, and many others in politics, religion, cultural studies, linguistics and other areas. Books are written by an expert in the field and illustrated, comic-book style, by a leading graphic artist. http://www.introducingbooks.com/

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Introducing Lacan - A Graphic Guide

Darian Leader

Introducing Keynes - A Graphic Guide

Peter Pugh

Introducing Shakespeare - A Graphic Guide

Nick Groom

Introducing Hinduism - A Graphic Guide

Borin Van Loon, Vinay Lal

Introducing Wittgenstein - A Graphic Guide

John Heaton

Introducing Logic - A Graphic Guide

Bill Mayblin, Dan Cryan, Sharron Shatil

Introducing Fractals - A Graphic Guide

Nigel Lesmoir-gordon, Will Rood

Introducing Infinity - A Graphic Guide

Brian Clegg

Introducing Derrida - A Graphic Guide

Jeff Collins

Introducing Plato - A Graphic Guide

Dave Robinson

Introducing Psychoanalysis - A Graphic Guide

Ivan Ward

Introducing Anthropology - A Graphic Guide

Merryl Wyn-Davis

A Practical Guide to Productivity - Work Smarter Not Harder

Graham Allcott

Introducing Capitalism - A Graphic Guide

Piero, Dan Cryan, Sharron Shatil

Introducing Capitalism - A Graphic Guide

Dan Cryan, Sharron Shatil

Introducing Chaos - A Graphic Guide

Ziauddin Sardar, Iwona Abrams

Introducing Statistics - A Graphic Guide

Eileen Magnello

Introducing Islam - A Graphic Guide

Ziauddin Sardar

Introducing Linguistics - A Graphic Guide

R. L. Trask

Introducing Economics - A Graphic Guide

David Orrell

Introducing Genetics - A Graphic Guide

Steve Jones

Introducing Relativity - A Graphic Guide

Bruce Bassett

Introducing Psychology - A Graphic Guide

Nigel Benson

Introducing Marxism - A Graphic Guide

Rupert Woodfin

Introducing Freud - A Graphic Guide

Richard Appignanesi, Oscar Zarate

A Practical Guide to Overcoming Phobias - Stand Up to Your Fears

Patricia Furness-Smith

A Practical Guide to Leadership - Be Inspired by Great Leaders

Alison Price, David Price

A Practical Guide to Entrepreneurship - Be Your Own Boss

Alison Price, David Price

A Practical Guide to Emotional Intelligence - Get Smart about Emotion

David Alton

Introducing Counselling - A Practical Guide

Alistair Ross