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Bestselling Self Made Authors

Alex by Alex

A fine selection of self published books that hit the bestselling lists around the globe.

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Charge (Electric Series #1) - Electric #1

E. L. Todd

Death Beckons - Mortis Vampire Series #1

J.C. Diem

Stone of Fire - ARKANE Thrillers #1

J.F. J.F.Penn

Thread of Hope - The Joe Tyler Series #1

Jeff Shelby

The Deal - Off-Campus #1

Elle Kennedy

Guardians: The Girl (The Guardians Series Book 1) - Guardians

Lola StVil

The Academy - Introductions - The Ghost Bird Series #1

C. L. Stone

One Day In New York - ARKANE Thrillers #7

J.F. J.F.Penn

The Gauguin Connection - Genevieve Lenard #1

Estelle Ryan

Witch Hunt - Preternatural Affairs #1

SM Reine