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Contemporary Fiction

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Mike Jeavons

Oh! - A Novel

Mary Robison

City of Jasmine

Olga Grjasnowa

The Book of Dave

Will Self

City of Peace

Henry G. Brinton

The Exile

Gregory Erich Phillips


Bragi Ólafsson

The Far Field

Madhuri Vijay

Things that Fall from the Sky

Selja Ahava

Love In No Man's Land

Duo Ji Zhuo Ga

We Were Witches - A Novel

Ariel Gore

Mother of Her Father's Son - A Novel

Toni Peters

Mephisto's Waltz - Selected Short Stories

Sergio Pitol

The Man Who Couldn't Die - The Tale of an Authentic Human Being

Olga Slavnikova

The Day the Sun Died

Yan Lianke

Leaving Las Vegas

John O'Brien

The Butterfly Mosque: A Young American Woman's Journey to Love and Islam - A Memoir

G. Willow Wilson

The Dead Wife's Handbook - A Novel

Hannah Beckerman


John J. Jessop

Sea Monsters - A Novel

Chloe Aridjis

Please Don't Eat the Daisies

Jean Kerr

To Keep the Sun Alive - A Novel

Rabeah Ghaffari

The Belle Hotel

Craig Melvin

The Western Wind - A Novel

Samantha Harvey

Lake City - A Novel

Thomas Kohnstamm

GREGORY and other stories

Panos Ioannides

The Afterlife of Kenzaburo Tsuruda - A Novel

Elisabeth Wilkins Lombardo

Still in Love - A Novel

Michael Downing


James Flint

Quiver - A Novel

Julia Watts