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12 31 Las Vegas

Maelyn Bjork

St Patrick’s Day 2 - The Story Continues

Andrew Gonzalez

When a Moment Arrives Ten Stories

David Taylor Johannesen

The Adventures of Jack and Milo - Milo Meets a New Friend

Jennie Dial

Prisoner to Prince

Judy Byrne

One Two Three Is Not Trigonometry

Goose Goosepunk

A Peculiar Rainbow - A Book About Unity

Keith B. Rozier Sr.

The Death Penalty for Karl Marx

Ion Puiu

Thoughts of Life - Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Steve Soto

Tool Box

Alfreda Brewer

I Am a Gift

Wendell Tillman

Animal House - A Guinea-Pig Discusses Vivisection

Frank McGillion

After the Wedding - A Lloyd and Lori Mystery

Reva Spiro Luxenberg

Hold on to Your Pants

Joseph L. Parsley

A Message from God

Dr. Nabil Khalil

Lucky Pup Pennie Pup - The Lives of Two Puppies

Phyllis A Brown – Herrguth

The Wiloby Estates

HF Beaumont

The Girl Behind the Scene

Leticia L. Montgomery

When They Call - The First in the Tribes Series

J.L Calhoun

The Ronin Affair

Adrianne Summer

Isabella's Birthday Party with Thunder

HF Beaumont

Winning Season - Embracing Your Truth to Reclaim Your Purpose & Destiny

Dr. S. Charles Lee

What Shakes the Bed? - Recollections of Life in Mexico City

John E. Huegel

Unforseen Circumstances

Carole V. Burgoyne

Ambition of a Hustler

C. Stallings

Robert Mugabe Kcb - Black Supremacist

Esau Ncube

Reclaiming Dreams to Healing Health and Happiness

Dr. Jo Hanna Mechergui

The Train Stops Here - Gus’ Gnu Poems

Al Ferber

Tainted Money - Book Ii

Rose Marie Ash

The Dueling Wizards of Simpletown

Whitney Lee Preston