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An Extraordinary Life of a Little Girl Named Pinky

Trena Hicks Davis

Never Forsaken - God Always Has a Good Plan

Lydiah Tate

Shadows of Her Mind

K. M. Winthrop

Remembrances - A Written and Illustrated Coloring Book for Adults

Leah Palm

The Mentor

Elizabeth Simon

How Great Is God’s Mercy!

Margaret Gibson


Fred Ranscombe

Death in a Small Town

Betty L. Alt

To Slip the Surly Bonds of Earth - Book Three the Clouds of War

Hugh Cameron

Common Sense in Society

Dulcineia Gomes

The Dirty Truth - Secret Obsessions Book 1

Ashley Cole

Dear Old Book - Diary of Myrtle Utley

Myrtle Simpson-Utley

Just Me Ellie

Ellie Bobson

Unique V-Turnal - Book 2

Fulani Shawnee

Rescue Me from Myself - (Bringing the Best out of You)

Dr. Ojo Joseph Bamidele

The Burning Truth - One Pastors Story of Rejection Reflection and Renewal as a Victim of Church Arson

Rev. Rhonda Kinsey

Running on Faith

Victor Vail

The Enchanting Tale of the Haunted Mansion

Nika Askari

Take a Minute to Listen to This

Eugene Holmes

English or Amerikish - "Appalachian Tennessee Style"


Mr Perfect

Delia Iaboni

“Hare” ‘n There Adventures of Rosie Rabbit - Rosie in New Mexico

Diane Herak

Liam the Dinosaur

Edith Alvarado

Taylor Tweet

Yaa Dapaa

Borderland Birds - Nesting Birds of the Southern Border

Roland H. Wauer

Notes in My Shirt Pocket - A Collection of Poems

Charles A. Romstad

Polly Pinecone

Gail D'Arcy

Morgan - A Day at the Park

Marcella Phillips

Thank You for Giving Me an Interesting Life - A Memoir of a Long Slow Loving Journey of Goodbye

Louis H. Falik

Socialism for the Dummies

Michael Engmann