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Publisher: Wildside Press

Wildside Press

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The Walt Whitman MEGAPACK ® - More Than 500 Classic Poems Essays and Letters including Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman

Sense of Wonder - A Century of Science Fiction

Leigh Grossman

The Fourth Ghost Story MEGAPACK ® - 25 Classic Haunts!

Charles Dickens, Sarah Orne Jewett, Rudyard Kipling, Arthur Conan Doyle, Frank H. Spearman

The Eighth Science Fiction Megapack - 25 Modern and Classic Stories

George R. R. Martin, Jay Lake, Mike Resnick, Pamela Sargent, Philip K Dick

The Philip K Dick MEGAPACK ® - 15 Classic Science Fiction Stories

Philip K. Dick

The Robert Sheckley Megapack - 15 Classic Science Fiction Stories

Robert Sheckley

The Borgias

Alexandre Dumas

Battling Boxing Stories - Thrilling Tales of Pugilistic Puissance

Gary Lovisi, Stan Trybulski, Wayne D. Dundee, Ron Fortier, Robert S. P. Lee, G. D. Mcfetridge, Arlette Lees, Terence Butler, Marc Spitzer, C. J. Henderson, Garnett Elliott, Penelope Stanhope, Michael A. Black, Lonni Lees, William Boyle

Sweet Tormented Love - A Novel of Romance

Victor Jay

The Gods Hate Kansas - A Classic Science Fiction Novel

Joseph J. Millard

Red as Blood or Tales from the Sisters Grimmer - Expanded Edition

Tanith Lee

The E Hoffmann Price Spicy Adventure MEGAPACK ™ - 14 Tales from the "Spicy" Pulp Magazines!

E. Hoffmann Price

Post Mortal Syndrome

Damien Broderick, Barbara Lamar

Out of This World - Worlds of Shadow #1

Lawrence Watt-Evans

Tales of Ethshar

Lawrence Watt-Evans

The Fifth Science Fiction Megapack

Bruce Bethke, Cory Doctorow, Charles L. Fontenay, Darrell Schweitzer, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Robert Sheckley, Jay Lake, Frederik Pohl, Avram Davidson, James C. Stewart, Gardner Dozois, Allen Steele, Donald E. Westlake, Carol Emshwiller, Pamela Sargent, George Zebrowski, Brenda W. Clough, Keith Laumer, Grania Davis, Sterling E. Lanier, Rick Raphael, Walter S. Tevis, Ken Scholes, Everett B. Cole, Walter J. Sheldon

Weird Tales #360

Marvin Kaye, Darrell Schweitzer, Brian Lumley, Michael Shea, Ray Bradbury

Extreme Tales of Gay Sex Cannibalism and Torture

Felix Lance Falcon

Fantasy: The Best of the Year - 2006 Edition

Neil Gaiman, Matthew Hughes, Gene Wolfe, Theodora Goss, Peter S. Beagle, Richard Parks, Holly Phillips

Looking Backward in Darkness - Tales of Fantasy and Horror

Kathryn Ptacek

The Misenchanted Sword - A Legend of Ethshar

Lawrence Watt-Evans

The Witch and Warlock MEGAPACK ®: 25 Tales of Magic-Users

Joseph Conrad, C. J. Henderson, Darrell Schweitzer, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Janet Fox

Long Teeth - Stone Angel #4

Marvin H. Albert


Sylvia Kelso

The Big Sleep

Raymond Chandler

The Ninth Science Fiction Megapack - Classic and Modern Science Fiction

Arthur C. Clarke, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The Spectre General - The Golden Age Science Fiction Classic

Theodore Cogswell

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #13

Gary Lovisi, Arthur Conan Doyle, Hal Charles, William E. Chambers

Adam Link Robot

Eando Binder

Mom's Home-Cooking

William Maltese, Pam Hoffman