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Ingmar Bergman's Face to Face

Michael Tapper

The Cinema of Tom DiCillo - Include Me Out

Wayne Byrne

The Cinema of Wes Anderson - Bringing Nostalgia to Life

Whitney Crothers Dilley

The Holy Mountain

Alessandra Santos

The Children's Film - Genre Nation and Narrative

Noel Brown

Sweet and Lowdown - Woody Allen's Cinema of Regret

Lloyd Michaels

I-Docs - The Evolving Practices of Interactive Documentary

Mandy Rose, Judith Aston, Sandra Gaudenzi

Deep Red

Alexia Kannas

Ms 45

Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

Silent Cinema - Before the Pictures Got Small

Lawrence Napper

Reconstructing Strangelove - Inside Stanley Kubrick's "Nightmare Comedy"

Mick Broderick

Prison Movies - Cinema Behind Bars

Kevin Kehrwald

The Essay Film - Dialogue Politics Utopia

Elizabeth Papazian, Caroline Eades

The Psycho Records

Laurence Rickels

The Cinema of Hal Hartley - Flirting with Formalism

Steven Rybin

Fast Forward - The Future(s) of the Cinematic Arts

Holly Willis

Global Cinematic Cities - New Landscapes of Film and Media

Johan Andersson, Lawrence Webb

Cinéma Militant - Political Filmmaking and May 1968

Paul Douglas Grant

Projecting Race - Postwar America Civil Rights and Documentary Film

Stephen Charbonneau

Transgression in Anglo-American Cinema - Gender Sex and the Deviant Body

Joel Gwynne

Cultures of Representation - Disability in World Cinema Contexts

Benjamin Fraser

Mediating Mobility - Visual Anthropology in the Age of Migration

Steffen Köhn

The Cinema of Robert Altman - Hollywood Maverick

Robert Niemi

Mediamorphosis - Kafka and the Moving Image

Shai Biderman, Ido Lewit

At the End of the Street in the Shadow - Orson Welles and the City

Matthew Asprey Gear

The Road Movie - In Search of Meaning

Neil Archer

The Cinema of Sean Penn - In and Out of Place

Deane Williams

Holocaust Cinema in the Twenty-First Century - Images Memory and the Ethics of Representation

Gerd Bayer, Oleksandr Kobrynskyy

For His Eyes Only - The Women of James Bond

Lisa Funnell

The Cinema of Christopher Nolan - Imagining the Impossible

Jacqueline Furby, Stuart Joy