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Narrative and Narration - Analyzing Cinematic Storytelling

Warren Buckland

The Stardom Film - Creating the Hollywood Fairy Tale

Karen McNally

The Contemporary Superhero Film - Projections of Power and Identity

Terence McSweeney

The Cinema of Paolo Sorrentino - Commitment to Style

Russell Kilbourn

Herstories on Screen - Feminist Subversions of Frontier Myths

Kathleen Cummins

Perpetrator Cinema - Confronting Genocide in Cambodian Documentary

Raya Morag

Flaming Creatures

Constantine Verevis

The Western Genre - From Lordsburg to Big Whiskey

John Sanders

Film Genre - From Iconography to Ideology

Barry Keith Grant

Production Design - Architects of the Screen

Jane Barnwell

Early Cinema - From Factory Gate to Dream Factory

Simon Popple, Joe Kember

Women's Cinema - The Contested Screen

Alison Butler

Film Editing - The Art of the Expressive

Valerie Orpen

British Social Realism - From Documentary to Brit Grit

Samantha Lay

Animation - Genre and Authorship

Paul Wells

New Chinese Cinema - Challenging Representations

Sheila Cornelius

Psychoanalysis and Cinema - The Play of Shadows

Vicky Lebeau

The Horror Genre - From Beelzebub to Blair Witch

Paul Wells

Reading Hollywood - Spaces and Meanings in American Film

Deborah Thomas

Film Performance - From Achievement to Appreciation

Andrew Klevan

New Digital Cinema - Reinventing the Moving Image

Holly Willis

The Cinema of Louis Malle - Transatlantic Auteur

Philippe Met

Film Censorship - Regulating America's Screen

Sheri Chinen Biesen

Stranger Than Paradise

Jamie Sexton

I Spit on Your Grave

David Maguire

Avengers Assemble! - Critical Perspectives on the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Terence McSweeney

Danger: Diabolik

Leon Hunt

Film and the Natural Environment - Elements and Atmospheres

Adam O'Brien

A Search for Belonging - The Mexican Cinema of Luis Buñuel

Marc Ripley

Trash Cinema - The Lure of the Low

Guy Barefoot