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Publisher: University of New Mexico Press

University of New Mexico Press

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Cabañuelas - A Novel

Norma Elia Cantú

La Llorona - The Crying Woman

Rudolfo Anaya

Capirotada - A Nogales Memoir

Alberto Ríos

You Must Fight Them - A Novella and Stories

Maceo Montoya

MINE - Essays

Sarah Viren

No More Bingo Comadre! - Stories

Nasario García

Lilus Kikus and Other Stories by Elena Poniatowska

Elena Poniatowska

Mexican Cookbook

Erna Fergusson

The Way of Thorn and Thunder - The Kynship Chronicles

Daniel Heath Justice

Fire - The Spark That Ignited Human Evolution

Frances D. Burton

Cannery Women Cannery Lives - Mexican Women Unionization and the California Food Processing Industry 1930-1950

Vicki L. Ruiz

Making the Americas - The United States and Latin America from the Age of Revolutions to the Era of Globalization

Thomas F. O'Brien

The Best from New Mexico Kitchens

Sheila MacNiven Cameron

The Way to Rainy Mountain 50th Anniversary Edition

N. Scott Momaday

Josey Wales - Two Westerns : Gone to Texas; The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales

Forrest Carter

Amadito and the Hero Children - Amadito y los Niños Héroes

Enrique R. Lamadrid

Lord of the Dawn - The Legend of Quetzalcíatl

Rudolfo Anaya

Maya Medicine - Traditional Healing in Yucatán

Marianna Appel Kunow

Bruja - The Legend of La Llorona

Lucinda Ciddio Leyba

The Ghost of Mary Prairie

Lisa Polisar

The Great Taos Bank Robbery and Other True Stories

Tony Hillerman

Yanantin and Masintin in the Andean World - Complementary Dualism in Modern Peru

Hillary S. Webb

Golden States of Grace - Prayers of the Disinherited

Rick Nahmias

Juan the Bear and the Water of Life - La Acequia de Juan del Oso

Enrique R. Lamadrid, Juan Arellano

Crazy Quilt - A Novel

Paul Frederick Ernst

In the Presence of the Sun - Stories and Poems 1961-1991

N. Scott Momaday

Red or Green - New Mexico Cuisine

Clyde Casey

The Pancake Stories - Cuentos del Panqueque

Peggy Pond Church

New Mexico Cuisine - Recipes from the Land of Enchantment

Clyde Casey


Noah Blaustein