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Publisher: Unbound


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The Belle Hotel

Craig Melvin

Made Possible - Stories of success by people with learning disabilities – in their own words

Saba Salman

A Curious History of Sex

Kate Lister

The Scottish Boy

Alex de Campi


Neil McCormick


James Flint

The Arrow of Apollo

Philip Womack

Stick a Flag in It - 1000 years of bizarre history from Britain and beyond

Arran Lomas

Obsidian - Book II of The Book of Bera trilogy

Suzie Wilde

The Coming Age of Imagination - How universal basic income will lead to an explosion of creativity

Phil Teer


Lucy Sullivan

Rinse Spin Repeat

Edie Fassnidge

How to Come Alive Again - A guide to killing your monsters

Beth McColl

The Life of Death

Lucy Booth

Galactic Keegan

Scott Innes

On the Menu - The world's favourite piece of paper

Nicholas Lander

The Book of Bera - Sea Paths

Suzie Wilde

Just Where You Left It and Other Poems

David Roche

Sparks: Adventures in Street Photography - Adventures in Street Photography

Stephen Leslie

Falling From the Floating World

Nick Hurst

Celebs at Home

Andy Bush

One Hundred and Fifty-Two Days

Giles Paley-Phillips

What Doesn't Kill You - Fifteen Stories of Survival

Elitsa Dermendzhiyska

Music to Eat Cake By - Essays on Birds Words and Everything in Between

Lev Parikian

The Power of Soft

Hilary Gallo

The Almanac

Lia Leendertz

The Tyrant and the Squire

Terry Jones

Trans Britain - Our Journey from the Shadows

Ms Christine Burns

Constable Colgan's Connectoscope - How One Thing Leads to Another

Stevyn Colgan

The Black Prince - Adapted from an original script by Anthony Burgess

Anthony Burgess, Adam Roberts