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Unbound Digital

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Dolly Considine's Hotel

Eamon Somers

Rory Hobble and the Voyage to Haligogen

Maximilian Hawker


Mark A. Ciccone

Survival Machines

Ste Sharp

The Mash House

Alan Gillespie

Into the Mouth of the Lion

A. B. Kyazze

A Melancholy Event

Dan Glaister

Your Friend Forever

Zena Barrie


Josephine Greenland

George Canning Is My Son - A new biography of the remarkable Mary Ann Hunn

Julian Crowe

The Hellion

Harriet Young

Last Star Standing

Spaulding Taylor

Slow Motion

Jennifer Pierce


Chris Limb

No Good Deed

Ewan Lawrie

Nothin' But a Good Time - The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Glam Metal

Justin Quirk

Be Ready to Parent Twins - Pregnancy and the First Year

Louise Brown, Ella Rachamim

The Sterling Directive

Tim Standish

Leaves of Love - Stories for Ageing and Dying Well

Lucy Aykroyd

Note to Boy

Sue Clark

Purple People

Kate Bulpitt


Paul Waters

Wolf Trap

Alan Hescott

Underdogs - Tooth and Nail

Chris Bonnello


Geoffrey Gudgion

The Middle Years - When the kids grow up and everything goes tits down

Liz Fraser

The Trail

James Ellison

Happy Family

James Ellis

Taming the Four Horsemen

Robin Hanbury-Tenison

Those Who Eat Like Crocodiles

Laura Fitzgerald