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The Modernist Bestiary - Translating Animals and the Arts through Guillaume Apollinaire Raoul Dufy and Graham Sutherland

Sarah Kay, Timothy Mathews

Subjective Lives and Economic Transformations in Mongolia - Life in the Gap

Rebecca M. Empson

Comparative Perspectives on the Rise of the Brazilian Novel

Ana Cláudia Suriani da Silva, Sandra Guardini Vasconcelos

Bentham and the Arts

Philip Schofield, Anthony Julius, Malcolm Quinn

Assessment and Feedback in Higher Education - A Guide for Teachers

Teresa McConlogue

Networks Labour and Migration among Indian Muslim Artisans

Thomas Chambers

Introduction to Nordic Cultures

Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen, Annika Lindskog

Community-Led Regeneration - A Toolkit for Residents and Planners

Daniel Fitzpatrick, Pablo Sendra

Medical Humanity and Inhumanity in the German-Speaking World

Sonu Shamdasani, Mererid Puw Davies

Knowledge Policy and Practice in Education and the Struggle for Social Justice - Essays Inspired by the Work of Geoff Whitty

Andrew Brown, Emma Wisby

Shaping Urban Futures in Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar Dynamic Ownership and Economic Flux

Rebekah Plueckhahn

The State Popular Mobilisation and Gold Mining in Mongolia - Shaping Neoliberal Policies

Dulam Bumochir

Rewriting Buddhism - Pali Literature and Monastic Reform in Sri Lanka 11571270

Alastair Gornall

Urban Claims and the Right to the City - Grassroots Perspectives from Salvador da Bahia and London

Julian Walker, Marcos Bau Carvalho, Ilinca Diaconescu

Critical Medical Anthropology - Perspectives in and from Latin America

Jennie Gamlin, Sahra Gibbon, Paola M. Sesia, Lina Berrío

Critical Perspectives on Cultural Memory and Heritage - Construction Transformation and Destruction

Veysel Apaydin

Rewriting Language - How Literary Texts Can Promote Inclusive Language Use

Christiane Luck

Comparative Approaches to Informal Housing Around the Globe

Udo Grashoff

New Islamic Urbanism - The Architecture of Public and Private Space in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Stefan Maneval

Ancient Knowledge Networks - A Social Geography of Cuneiform Scholarship in First-Millennium Assyria and Babylonia

Eleanor Robson

The North American Arctic - Themes in Regional Security

Dwayne Ryan Menezes, Heather N. Nicol

Eva - A Novel by Carry van Bruggen - Translated and with a Commentary by Jane Fenoulhet

Carry van Bruggen

Georges Perecs Geographies - Material Performative and Textual Spaces

Richard Phillips, Andrew Leak, Charles Forsdick

Socialism Capitalism and Alternatives - Area Studies and Global Theories

Peter J. S. Duncan, Elisabeth Schimpfössl

The Contemporary Medieval in Practice

Gillian R. Overing, Clare A. Lees

Outrage - The Rise of Religious Offence in Contemporary South Asia

Paul Rollier, Kathinka Frøystad, Arild Engelsen Ruud

The Wild East - Criminal Political Economies in South Asia

Lucia Michelutti, Barbara Harriss-White

The Responsibility of Intellectuals - Reflections by Noam Chomsky and Others after 50 years

Nicholas Allott, Chris Knight, Neil Smith

Happiness and Utility - Essays Presented to Frederick Rosen

Mark Philp, Georgios Varouxakis

The Origins of Self - An Anthropological Perspective

Martin P. J. Edwardes