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American Animals - A True Crime Memoir

Eric Borsuk

EndoMEtriosis - A Guide for Girls

MD Tamer Seckin

Do No Harm - The Opioid Epidemic

Harry Wiland, M. D. Lewis Nelson, M. D. Andrew Kolodny, Peter Segall

Clashes of Cavalry

Thom Hatch

Diabhal - Diabhal Book 1

Kathleen Kaufman

Caligula - The Mad Emperor of Rome

Stephen Dando-Collins

Task Lyst

Scott Hylbert


Kim Hooper

The Ables

Jeremy Scott

Dr Earl Mindell's CBD and Health for Dogs

Earl Mindell

Dr Lani's No-Nonsense SUN Health Guide - The Truth about Vitamin D Sunscreen Sensible Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer

Lani Simpson

Scripted Unscripted

Kristina Miranda

All the Walls of Belfast

Sarah Carlson

Another Kingdom

Andrew Klavan

Root Cause

Steven Laine

The Jane Austen Diet - Austen's Secrets to Food Health and Incandescent Happiness

Jane Austen, Bryan Kozlowski

Sakepedia - A Non-Traditional Guide to Japan’s Traditional Beverage

Jeff Cioletti

Team Quotient

Douglas Gerber

The Chocolate Therapist - A User's Guide to the Extraordinary Health Benefits of Chocolate (Revised Edition)

Julie Nygard

I Think Therefore I Eat - The World's Greatest Minds Tackle the Food Question

Martin Cohen


Jill Baguchinsky

Cherry Blossoms

Kim Hooper

The Rabbi’s Brain - Mystics Moderns and the Science of Jewish Thinking

Andrew Newberg, David Halpern


Kathleen Kaufman

The Holy Ghost Speakeasy and Revival

Terry Roberts

Homeward Bound

Jonathan Shaw

Jane Butel's Chili Madness - A Passionate Cookbook

Jane Butel

Healing Chronic Candida Cookbook

Cynthia Perkins

Sommelier of Deformity

Nick Yetto

The Fallen Star - Billy Smith and the Goblins Book 2

Robert Hewitt Wolfe