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Publisher: Three Rooms Press

Three Rooms Press

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Far Away from Close to Home - Essays

Vanessa Baden Kelly

Voyagers - Twelve Journeys through Space and Time

Robert Silverberg

Narcissus Nobody - A Novel

Gina Yates

The Door to Inferna

Rishab Borah

Scavenger - A Mystery

Christopher Chambers

Loudmouth - A Novel

Robert Duncan

Ray By Ray - A Daughter's Take on the Legend of Nicholas Ray

Nicca Ray

The Faking of the President - Nineteen Stories of White House Noir

Peter Carlaftes

Alien Archives - Eighteen Stories of Extraterrestrial Encounters

Robert Silverberg

Disasterama! - Adventures in the Queer Underground 1977 to 1997

Alvin Orloff

Womentality - Thirteen Empowering Stories by Everyday Women Who Said Goodbye to the Workplace and Hello to Their Lives

Erin Wildermuth

Nirvana Is Here - A Novel

Aaron Hamburger

Everything Grows - A Novel

Aimee Herman

Time and Time Again - Sixteen Trips in Time

Robert Silverberg

Quiver - A Novel

Julia Watts

Don't Hide the Madness - William S Burroughs in Conversation with Allen Ginsberg

William S. Burroughs

Florida Happens - Tales of Mystery Mayhem and Suspense from the Sunshine State

Greg Herren

Downdrift - A Novel

Johanna Drucker

Three Somebodies: Plays about Notorious Dissidents - SCUM | Jack the Rapper | Art Was Here

Kat Georges

First-Person Singularities - Stories

Robert Silverberg

The Obama Inheritance - Fifteen Stories of Conspiracy Noir

Gary Phillips

Celestial Mechanics - a tale for a mid-winter night

William Least Heat-Moon

The Greenfather - A Novel

John Marshall

Punk Avenue - Inside the New York City Underground 1972-1982

Phil Marcade

This Way to the End Times: Classic Tales of the Apocalypse

Robert Silverberg

Exile on Bridge Street - A Novel

Eamon Loingsigh

Crime Plus Music - Twenty Stories of Music-Themed Noir

Jim Fusilli

Champagne and Cocaine - A Novel

Richard Vetere

Bad: The Autobiography of James Carr

James Carr

Songs of My Selfie - An Anthology of Millennial Stories

Constance Renfrow