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Publisher: The New Press

The New Press

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Democracy If We Can Keep It - The ACLU’s 100-Year Fight for Rights in America

Ellis Cose

Suncatcher - A Novel

Romesh Gunesekera

Going Home - A Walk Through Fifty Years of Occupation

Raja Shehadeh

The New Jim Crow - Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Michelle Alexander

Merge Left - Fusing Race and Class Winning Elections and Saving America

Ian Haney López

Memoir of a Race Traitor - Fighting Racism in the American South

Mab Segrest

Make My Day - Movie Culture in the Age of Reagan

J. Hoberman

The Savage Frontier - The Pyrenees in History and the Imagination

Matthew Carr

Four Soldiers - A Novel

Hubert Mingarelli

Money Rock - A Family’s Story of Cocaine Race and Ambition in the New South

Pam Kelley

The Sky Is Falling - How Vampires Zombies Androids and Superheroes Made America Great for Extremism

Peter Biskind

American Hate - Survivors Speak Out

Arjun Singh Sethi

Tropic of Football - The Long and Perilous Journey of Samoans to the NFL

Rob Ruck

Enemies in Love - A German POW a Black Nurse and an Unlikely Romance

Alexis Clark

Slave Old Man - A Novel

Patrick Chamoiseau

Wrestling with the Devil - A Prison Memoir

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

The Know-It-Alls - The Rise of Silicon Valley as a Political Powerhouse and Social Wrecking Ball

Noam Cohen

The Ghosts of Langley - Into the CIA's Heart of Darkness

John Prados

Not a Crime to Be Poor - The Criminalization of Poverty in America

Peter Edelman

How Do I Explain This to My Kids? - Parenting in the Age of Trump

Sarah Song, Diane Wachtell

Where the Line Is Drawn - A Tale of Crossings Friendships and Fifty Years of Occupation in Israel-Palestine

Raja Shehadeh

Black Moses - A Novel

Alain Mabanckou

Witness Against the Beast - William Blake and the Moral Law

E. P. Thompson

Rules for Resistance - Advice from Around the Globe for the Age of Trump

David Cole, Melanie Wachtell Stinnett

Wolf Whistle Politics - The New Misogyny in America Today

Diane Wachtell

Making It - Why Manufacturing Still Matters

Louis Uchitelle

Stolen Girls - Survivors of Boko Haram Tell Their Story

Wolfgang Bauer

Troublemakers - Lessons in Freedom from Young Children at School

Carla Shalaby

We Too Sing America - South Asian Arab Muslim and Sikh Immigrants Shape Our Multiracial Future

Deepa Iyer

The New Threat - The Past Present and Future of Islamic Militancy

Jason Burke