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Publisher: The Emma Press

The Emma Press

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Tiny Moons - A Year of Eating in Shanghai

Nina Mingya Powles


Maarja Pärtna

Call and Response

Rachel Spence

The Goldfish

Ikhda Ayuning Maharsi Degoul

The Whimsy of Dank Ju-Ju

Sascha Aurora Akhtar

A Warm and Snouting Thing

Ramona Herdman

The Emma Press Anthology of Contemporary Gothic Verse

Nisha Bhakoo

The Adventures of Na Willa

Reda Gaudiamo

Elastic Glue

Kathy Pimlott

Everything That Can Happen - Poems about the Future

Suzannah Evans, Tom Sastry

Wain - LGBT reimaginings of Scottish folktales

Rachel Plummer

Second Place Rosette - Poems about Britain

Richard O'Brien, Emma Right

Meat Songs - Animal noises

Jack Nicholls

Birmingham Jazz Incarnation - or Playing the Changes

Simon Turner


Zosia Kuczyńska

The Emma Press Anthology of Love

Rachel Piercey, Emma Right


Rakhshan Rizwan

The Secret Box

Daina Tabuna

This Is Not Your Final Form

Richard O'Brien, Emma Right

Who Seemed Alive & Altogether Real

Padraig Regan

The Emma Press Anthology of the Sea - Poems for a voyage out

Eve Lacey

The Emma Press Anthology of Aunts

Rachel Piercey, Emma Right

The Dragon and the Bomb - An epyllion

Andrew Wynn Owen

Some Cannot Be Caught - The Emma Press Book of Beasts

Anja Konig, Liane Strauss

Postcard Stories

Jan Carson

Everyone's the Smartest


First Fox

Leanne Radojkovich

Mildly Erotic Verse

Rachel Piercey, Emma Right

In Transit - Poems of travel

Sarah Jackson, Tim Young

Bezdelki - Small things

Carol Rumens