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Publisher: Summersdale


Founded in 1990, Summersdale is a vibrant publisher that puts its heart and soul into creating exceptional books. Summersdale swiftly responds to emerging technology and trends, provide entertaining, informative and innovative content in the genres of travel writing, general non-fiction, health and well-being, and gift and humour. They now produce a diverse range of over 100 titles per year, with a backlist of over 600 titles. High standards of editing, design and production are essential...

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Happiness for Every Day - Simple Tips and Uplifting Quotes to Help You Find Joy

Summersdale Publishers

Inspiration for Every Day - Simple Tips and Motivational Quotes to Light Your Creative Spark

Summersdale Publishers

Positivity for Every Day - Simple Tips and Inspiring Quotes to Help You Look on the Bright Side

Summersdale Publishers

Resilience for Every Day - Simple Tips and Inspiring Quotes to Help You Find Inner Strength

Summersdale Publishers

For the World's Best Mum - The Perfect Gift to Give to Your Mum

Summersdale Publishers

Mum Pwr - Kick-Ass Quotes for Mighty Mums

Summersdale Publishers

Yoga With Your Cat - Purr-fect Poses for You and Your Feline Friend

Sam Hart

I Love You - Romantic Quotes for Valentine’s Day

Summersdale Publishers

To My Significant Otter - A Cute Illustrated Book to Give to Your Squeak-Heart

Summersdale Publishers

Less is More - Finding Joy in a Simpler Life

Robin James

The Little Instruction Book for Grandparents - Tongue-in-Cheek Advice for Surviving Grandparenthood

Kate Freeman

The Little Instruction Book for Retirement - Tongue-in-Cheek Advice for the Newly Retired

Kate Freeman

You're Amazing - How to Cast Off Self-Doubt and Embrace Your Inner Brilliance

Debbi Marco

Life's a Journey Not a Destination - How to Live for Each Moment and Find Adventure in Every Day

Vicki Vrint

Spot the Cock - A Search-and-Find Book

Jason Murphy

Nomaste - The Mindful Plant-Based Kitchen

Miranda Moore

She Believed She Could So She Did - A Modern Woman’s Guide to Life

Sam Lacey

Spooky Jokes - The Ultimate Collection of Un-boo-lievable Jokes and Quips

Robin Graves

101 Tips to Help Your Anxious Child - Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Their Fears and Worries

Poppy O'Neill

Say No to Social Media - Simple Tips to Help You Stay Positively Connected

Chloe Ramsden

What Would Greta Do? - An Unofficial Pocket Guide to Help Answer Your Climate Questions

Summersdale Publishers

You Are My Sunshine - Uplifting Quotes for an Awesome Friend

Summersdale Publishers

You're Awesome AF - Here's a Book (Because It's Not Like I'm Going To Tell You to Your Face)

Summersdale Publishers

Calm AF - Laid-Back Advice for Getting the Better of Anxiety Coping with Stress and Staying Chilled Every Day

Sam Baxter

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining - Encouraging Quotes to Inspire Positivity

Summersdale Publishers

52 Things to Do While You Poo - The Turd Edition

Hugh Jassburn

The Little Book of Foreign Swearwords

Sid Finch

Love is a Kitten - A Cat-Tastic Celebration of the World's Cutest Kittens

Charlie Ellis

Love is a Pup - A Dog-Tastic Celebration of the World's Cutest Puppies

Charlie Ellis

OK Boomer - A Survival Guide for the Misunderstood Millennial

Summersdale Publishers