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Publisher: Stanford University Press

Stanford University Press

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Political Fallout - Nuclear Weapons Testing and the Making of a Global Environmental Crisis

Toshihiro Higuchi

Migranthood - Youth in a New Era of Deportation

Lauren Heidbrink

World War II and the West It Wrought

David M. Kennedy, Mark Brilliant

Motherhood - A Confession

Natalie Carnes

The Technologized Investor - Innovation through Reorientation

Ashby H.B. Monk, Dane Rook

The Peculiar Afterlife of Slavery - The Chinese Worker and the Minstrel Form

Caroline H. Yang

Ecosystem Edge - Sustaining Competitiveness in the Face of Disruption

Peter J. Williamson, Arnoud De Meyer

The Grip of Sexual Violence in Conflict - Feminist Interventions in International Law

Karen Engle

Corporate Conquests - Business the State and the Origins of Ethnic Inequality in Southwest China

C. Patterson Giersch

Dying to Serve - Militarism Affect and the Politics of Sacrifice in the Pakistan Army

Maria Rashid

Across the Great Divide - Between Analytic and Continental Political Theory

Jeremy Arnold

Intimate Alien - The Hidden Story of the UFO

David J. Halperin

The Jews of Ottoman Izmir - A Modern History

Dina Danon

Panic City - Crime and the Fear Industries in Johannesburg

Martin J. Murray

Spiritual Subjects - Central Asian Pilgrims and the Ottoman Hajj at the End of Empire

Lale Can

Photography and Its Shadow

Hagi Kenaan

Giving Form to an Asian and Latinx America

Long Le-Khac

Beauty Diplomacy - Embodying an Emerging Nation

Oluwakemi M. Balogun

Permanent Revolution - Reflections on Capitalism

Wyatt Wells

Healing Labor - Japanese Sex Work in the Gendered Economy

Gabriele Koch

In the Name of the Nation - India and Its Northeast

Sanjib Baruah

10% Less Democracy - Why You Should Trust Elites a Little More and the Masses a Little Less

Garett Jones

When Misfortune Becomes Injustice - Evolving Human Rights Struggles for Health and Social Equality

Alicia Ely Yamin

Woodrow Wilson and the Reimagining of Eastern Europe

Larry Wolff

Two Studies of Friedrich Hölderlin

Werner Hamacher

Regulating Human Research - IRBs from Peer Review to Compliance Bureaucracy

Sarah Babb

A Miscarriage of Justice - Women’s Reproductive Lives and the Law in Early Twentieth-Century Brazil

Cassia Roth

Food in Cuba - The Pursuit of a Decent Meal

Hanna Garth

Aiding and Abetting - US Foreign Assistance and State Violence

Jessica Trisko Darden

The Universal Enemy - Jihad Empire and the Challenge of Solidarity

Darryl Li