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Publisher: Stanford University Press

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The AI Marketing Canvas - A Five-Stage Road Map to Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Raj Venkatesan, Jim Lecinski

The Contemporary Middle East in an Age of Upheaval

James L. Gelvin

Pious Peripheries - Runaway Women in Post-Taliban Afghanistan

Sonia Ahsan-Tirmizi

Crossing - How We Label and React to People on the Move

Rebecca Hamlin

Prose of the World - Denis Diderot and the Periphery of Enlightenment

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht 

The Sympathetic Consumer - Moral Critique in Capitalist Culture

Tad Skotnicki

Theory of the Earth

Thomas Nail

The Afterlife of Enclosure - British Realism Character and the Commons

Carolyn J. Lesjak

A Constitution for the Living - Imagining How Five Generations of Americans Would Rewrite the Nation's Fundamental Law

Beau Breslin

Dear Palestine - A Social History of the 1948 War

Shay Hazkani

Guns Guerillas and the Great Leader - North Korea and the Third World

Benjamin R. Young

Political Grammars - The Unconscious Foundations of Modern Democracy

Davide Tarizzo

The Spirit of French Capitalism - Economic Theology in the Age of Enlightenment

Charly Coleman

From Mandate to Blueprint - Lessons from Intelligence Reform

Thomas Fingar

How to Make a Wetland - Water and Moral Ecology in Turkey

Caterina Scaramelli

The Engaged Scholar - Expanding the Impact of Academic Research in Today’s World

Andrew J. Hoffman

Management as a Calling - Leading Business Serving Society

Andrew J. Hoffman

Village Gone Viral - Understanding the Spread of Policy Models in a Digital Age

Marit Tolo Østebø

Birthing a Movement - Midwives Law and the Politics of Reproductive Care

Renée Ann Cramer

Identity Capitalists - The Powerful Insiders Who Exploit Diversity to Maintain Inequality

Nancy Leong

Slow Anti-Americanism - Social Movements and Symbolic Politics in Central Asia

Edward Schatz

Immigrant California - Understanding the Past Present and Future of US Policy

John D. Skrentny, David Scott FitzGerald

Genetic Crossroads - The Middle East and the Science of Human Heredity

Elise K. Burton

Nothing Happened - A History

Susan A. Crane

From Raj to Republic - Sovereignty Violence and Democracy in India

Sunil Purushotham

Incremental Realism - Postwar American Fiction Happiness and Welfare-State Liberalism

Mary Esteve

United Front - Projecting Solidarity through Deliberation in Vietnam’s Single-Party Legislature

Paul Schuler

Reimagining Money - Kenya in the Digital Finance Revolution

Sibel Kusimba

A Critical Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa

Bassam Haddad, Joel Beinin, Sherene Seikaly

Indigenous Dispossession - Housing and Maya Indebtedness in Mexico

M. Bianet Castellanos