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Publisher: Stanford University Press

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The 360° Corporation - From Stakeholder Trade-offs to Transformation

Sarah Kaplan

The Long Public Life of a Short Private Poem - Reading and Remembering Thomas Wyatt

Peter Murphy

Ordinary Unhappiness - The Therapeutic Fiction of David Foster Wallace

Jon Baskin

For God or Empire - Sayyid Fadl and the Indian Ocean World

Wilson Chacko Jacob

The Lived Nile - Environment Disease and Material Colonial Economy in Egypt

Jennifer L. Derr

Quantum Leadership - New Consciousness in Business

Chris Laszlo, Frederick Chavalit Tsao

Invisible Companions - Encounters with Imaginary Friends Gods Ancestors and Angels

J. Bradley Wigger

South Central Is Home - Race and the Power of Community Investment in Los Angeles

Abigail Rosas

Provisional Avant-Gardes - Little Magazine Communities from Dada to Digital

Sophie Seita

Land Wars - The Story of China's Agrarian Revolution

Brian DeMare

The Everyday Nationalism of Workers - A Social History of Modern Belgium

Maarten Van Ginderachter

Measuring Social Change - Performance and Accountability in a Complex World

Alnoor Ebrahim

Migrant Crossings - Witnessing Human Trafficking in the US

Annie Isabel Fukushima

Banking on the State - The Financial Foundations of Lebanon

Hicham Safieddine

Jesus Loves Japan - Return Migration and Global Pentecostalism in a Brazilian Diaspora

Suma Ikeuchi

Categorically Famous - Literary Celebrity and Sexual Liberation in 1960s America

Guy Davidson

Close Reading with Computers - Textual Scholarship Computational Formalism and David Mitchell's <i>Cloud Atlas< i>

Martin Paul Eve

Reclaiming Community - Race and the Uncertain Future of Youth Work

Bianca J. Baldridge

City of Black Gold - Oil Ethnicity and the Making of Modern Kirkuk

Arbella Bet-Shlimon

Copyright's Highway - From the Printing Press to the Cloud Second Edition

Paul Goldstein

The Cult of the Constitution

Mary Anne Franks

History in Financial Times

Amin Samman

Globalizing Morocco - Transnational Activism and the Postcolonial State

David Stenner

Democracy From Above? - The Unfulfilled Promise of Nationally Mandated Participatory Reforms

Stephanie L. McNulty

Creation and Anarchy - The Work of Art and the Religion of Capitalism

Giorgio Agamben

From Boas to Black Power - Racism Liberalism and American Anthropology

Mark Anderson

The Ethics of Staying - Social Movements and Land Rights Politics in Pakistan

Mubbashir A. Rizvi

The Chinese and the Iron Road - Building the Transcontinental Railroad

Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Gordon H. Chang

Super Continent - The Logic of Eurasian Integration

Kent E. Calder

Justice for Some - Law and the Question of Palestine

Noura Erakat