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Publisher: Stanford University Press

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Bernie Madoff and the Crisis - The Public Trial of Capitalism

Colleen P. Eren

Forgotten Disease - Illnesses Transformed in Chinese Medicine

Hilary A. Smith

Making Money - How Taiwanese Industrialists Embraced the Global Economy

Gary G. Hamilton, Kao Cheng-shu

Mandatory Separation - Religion Education and Mass Politics in Palestine

Suzanne Schneider

Sediments of Time - On Possible Histories

Reinhart Koselleck

Marked Women - The Cultural Politics of Cervical Cancer in Venezuela

Rebecca G. MartĂ­nez

Neoliberalism's Demons - On the Political Theology of Late Capital

Adam Kotsko

What Is Real?

Giorgio Agamben

Shakesplish - How We Read Shakespeare's Language

Paula Blank

The Politics of Love in Myanmar - LGBT Mobilization and Human Rights as a Way of Life

Lynette J. Chua

Being with the Dead - Burial Ancestral Politics and the Roots of Historical Consciousness

Hans Ruin

Banking on the State - The Financial Foundations of Lebanon

Hicham Safieddine

10% Less Democracy - Why You Should Trust Elites a Little More and the Masses a Little Less

Garett Jones

Healing Labor - Japanese Sex Work in the Gendered Economy

Gabriele Koch

Court of Injustice - Law Without Recognition in US Immigration

J.C. Salyer