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Life Is a Startup - What Founders Can Teach Us about Making Choices and Managing Change

Noam Wasserman

Who Owns the News? - A History of Copyright

Will Slauter

Fast Forward - Make Your Company Fit for the Future

Julian Birkinshaw, Jonas Ridderstråle

Arendt and Adorno - Political and Philosophical Investigations

Lars Rensmann, Samir Gandesha

Coercing Compliance - State-Initiated Brute Force in Today's World

Robert Mandel

Convulsing Bodies - Religion and Resistance in Foucault

Mark D. Jordan

Critical Excess - Overreading in Derrida Deleuze Levinas Žižek and Cavell

Colin Davies

Ethics in Economics - An Introduction to Moral Frameworks

Jonathan B. Wight

Formations of the Secular - Christianity Islam Modernity

Talal Asad

Georges Bataille - Phenomenology and Phantasmatology

Rodolphe Gasché

The Holocaust in Italian Culture 1944–2010

Robert Gordon

In the Self's Place - The Approach of Saint Augustine

Jean-Luc Marion

Inventing the Israelite - Jewish Fiction in Nineteenth-Century France

Maurice Samuels

The Mark of the Sacred

Jean-Pierre Dupuy

Our Word Is Our Bond - How Legal Speech Acts

Marianne Constable

The Work of Art in the Age of Deindustrialization

Jasper Bernes

What Is Philosophy?

Giorgio Agamben

The Work of Art - Value in Creative Careers

Alison Gerber

Neoliberalism's Demons - On the Political Theology of Late Capital

Adam Kotsko

After the Rise and Stall of American Feminism - Taking Back a Revolution

Lynn S. Chancer

Bubbles and Crashes - The Boom and Bust of Technological Innovation

Brent Goldfarb, David A. Kirsch

Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps - How to Thrive in Complexity

Jennifer Garvey Berger

Strategic Execution - Driving Breakthrough Performance in Business

Kenneth J. Carrig, Scott A. Snell

The Technologized Investor - Innovation through Reorientation

Ashby H.B. Monk, Dane Rook

Global Jihad - A Brief History

Glenn E. Robinson