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Publisher: Stanford University Press

Stanford University Press

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Who Owns the News? - A History of Copyright

Will Slauter

Coercing Compliance - State-Initiated Brute Force in Today's World

Robert Mandel

Life Is a Startup - What Founders Can Teach Us about Making Choices and Managing Change

Noam Wasserman

How Civility Works

Keith J. Bybee

Crook County - Racism and Injustice in America's Largest Criminal Court

Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve

Breaking the WTO - How Emerging Powers Disrupted the Neoliberal Project

Kristen Hopewell

Anxious Wealth - Money and Morality Among China's New Rich

John Osburg

Arms and Influence - US Technology Innovations and the Evolution of International Security Norms

Jeffrey S. Lantis

Arendt and Adorno - Political and Philosophical Investigations

Lars Rensmann, Samir Gandesha

The Barber of Damascus - Nouveau Literacy in the Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Levant

Dana Sajdi

Busted Sanctions - Explaining Why Economic Sanctions Fail

Bryan R. Early

Captives and Corsairs - France and Slavery in the Early Modern Mediterranean

Gillian Weiss

Coercion Survival and War - Why Weak States Resist the United States

Phil Haun

Colored Television - American Religion Gone Global

Marla Frederick

Copts and the Security State - Violence Coercion and Sectarianism in Contemporary Egypt

Laure Guirguis

Convulsing Bodies - Religion and Resistance in Foucault

Mark D. Jordan

Critical Excess - Overreading in Derrida Deleuze Levinas Žižek and Cavell

Colin Davies

Dead Pledges - Debt Crisis and Twenty-First-Century Culture

Annie McClanahan

Ends of Enlightenment

John Bender

The Dollar and National Security - The Monetary Component of Hard Power

Paul Viotti

The Economics of Excess - Addiction Indulgence and Social Policy

Harold Winter

Drugs Thugs and Diplomats - US Policymaking in Colombia

Winifred Tate

Empires of Coal - Fueling China’s Entry into the Modern World Order 1860-1920

Shellen Xiao Wu

Ethics in Economics - An Introduction to Moral Frameworks

Jonathan B. Wight

Formations of the Secular - Christianity Islam Modernity

Talal Asad

Fragile Elite - The Dilemmas of China's Top University Students

Susanne Bregnbaek

Freedom from Work - Embracing Financial Self-Help in the United States and Argentina

Daniel Fridman

From Deficit to Deluge - The Origins of the French Revolution

Thomas E. Kaiser, Dale K. Van Kley

Georges Bataille - Phenomenology and Phantasmatology

Rodolphe Gasché

The Good Life - Aspiration Dignity and the Anthropology of Wellbeing

Edward F. Fischer