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The Financial System Limit - Radical Thoughts about Money

David Kauders

Three British Mystery Novels

David Stuart Davies, Thomas Browne, Nikki Dudley

The Sicilian Woman's Daughter - Four generations of mafia women

Linda Lo Scuro

When Anthony Rathe Investigates

Matthew Booth

Understanding Brexit Options - What future for Britain?

David Kauders

Further exploits of Sherlock Holmes

David Stuart Davies, Matthew Booth


Thomas Browne

Petronella and the Janjilons

Cheryl Bentley

Psychology of Crowds

Gustave Le Bon

A Taste for Blood

David Stuart Davies

Peregrine Harker & The Black Death

Luke Hollands


Thomas Browne

The True Friend - English Translation of Il vero amico

Carlo Goldoni

Petronella & The Trogot

Cheryl Bentley

The Greatest Crash: How contradictory policies are sinking the global economy - How contradictory policies are sinking the global economy

David Kauders

The Boy Who Made it Rain

Brian Conaghan

The Eloquence of Desire

Amanda Sington-Williams


Nikki Dudley