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Sourced Media Books is a hybrid publishing organization with both traditional and non-traditional publishing options. We provide superior ghostwriting, editing, publishing, and publicity services.

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The Others

Kristin Bryant

Red Shirt Kids

Bryce Clark, Kim B. Clark

Chloe the Clumsy Fairy

Katie Watkins

Rubber Band Girl - A Mother's Memoir

Jennifer Nelson


H.G. Nadel

Psychic Madman

Jim Karol

Real World 101 - A Survival Guide to Life After High School

Autumn McAlpin

Beyond the Red Carpet - The World of Entertainment Journalists

Francine Brokaw

Full Bloom - Cultivating Success

Amy E. Goodman, Anne Hagerman Wilcox, Amy Cook

Laugh Lines - 50 Years of Jokes Stories and Life as an Entertainer

Wayne Osmond

The Togi Tree

Bethlene Williams

28 Truths from the Book of Mormon

Monte S. Nyman

Why They Believe - A Case Study in Contemporary Polygamy

Amy Cook

Pregnancy Tips for the Clueless Chick

Jennifer Durbin

Hope After Divorce

Jennifer Cummings, Lisa LaBelle, Amy Osmond Cook

Wait! He's Real?

Maili McBride

Waffle Street - The Confession and Rehabilitation of a Financier

James D Adams

How They Stash the Cash

Mark Kohn