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Publisher: Shire Publications

Shire Publications

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An imprint of: Bloomsbury UK

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Richard Hayman

Thomas Chippendale

Adam Bowett, James Lomax

The British Census

Simon Smith

Vauxhall Cars

James Taylor

The Treasures of English Churches - Witnesses to the History of a Nation

Matthew Byrne

Miniature Railways

David Henshaw

Bees and Beekeeping

Tiffany Francis-Baker

Church Curiosities - Strange Objects and Bizarre Legends

David Castleton

Animals in the Second World War

Neil R Storey

Thames Mudlarking - Searching for London's Lost Treasures

Jason Sandy, Nick Stevens

Timber-framed Buildings

Richard Hayman

The NHS - Britain's National Health Service 1948–2020

Susan Cohen

Dunkirk and the Little Ships

Philip Weir

Fashion in the 1960s

Daniel Milford-Cottam

Veteran Motor Cars

Steve Lanham

The Flying Scotsman Pocket-Book

R H N Hardy

Grinling Gibbons - Master Carver

Paul Rabbitts

Goods Trains

Tim Bryan

Motor Coaches and Charabancs

James Taylor

British Airfields of the Second World War

Stuart Hadaway

Tracing Lost Railways

Trevor Yorke

A Life on the Lines - The Grand Old Man of Steam

R H N Hardy

The Routemaster Pocket-Book

Matthew Jones

Church Fonts

Matthew Byrne


Richard Hayman

Be Grateful: Brighton College's Fallen 1939–45

David Turner


Rosita Sheen

Traditions of Death and Burial

Helen Frisby

Entertaining the Troops - 1939–1945

Kiri Bloom Walden

British Goats

Tiffany Francis-Baker