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London Plaques

John Sheppard, Derek Sumeray

Walking Dickens’ London

Lee Jackson

London’s Royal Parks

Paul Rabbitts

Witches and Witchcraft

David Nash

The Tube - Station to Station on the London Underground

Oliver Green

Amusement Parks

Jim Hillman

Classic Candy - America’s Favorite Sweets 1950–80

Darlene Lacey

Royal Coronations

Lucinda Gosling

Discovering Words

Julian Walker

The Merchant Navy

Richard Woodman

Coin Finds in Britain - A Collector’s Guide

Michael Cuddeford

The Arts and Crafts Garden

Sarah Rutherford

Museums in Britain - A History

Christine Garwood

Swinging Britain - Fashion in the 1960s

Mark Armstrong

Transatlantic Liners

J. Kent Layton

London’s Statues and Monuments

Peter Matthews

Pottery of the Southwest - Ancient Art and Modern Traditions

Allan Hayes, Carol Hayes

Garden Cities

Sarah Rutherford

Chocolate - The British Chocolate Industry

Paul Chrystal

Victorian Pumping Stations

Trevor Yorke

Hillman Cars

James Taylor

Bradshaw's Handbook to London

George Bradshaw

Fashion in the 1970s

Daniel Milford-Cottam

1970s Childhood

Liza Hollinghurst

Churches and Churchyards of England and Wales

Richard Hayman